Damaging Chat Habits Particular to Youth of Today

Gets up 7 a.m in the morning, sleepwalks into the kitchen, grabs something to bite on… His phone’s battery is down; picks up his charger and leaves home in search of power to charge his phone. He visits all the salons, even while charging, he’s on the phone, Chatting! Chatting! Chatting!!

The phone eventually power up to 30% after 2hrs of ineffective charge due to usage, he hangs the charger around his neck and with great joy,
heads back home. 

Without removing his shoes or sandals he cruises into the
living room, doing what? Chatting… Before long, the battery gets drained, he leaves home yet again to another barbing salon… 

Nightfall; not really satisfied, he returns home say… around 9 p.m, and by 2 am, the charged battery is completely depleted… 

*this circle continues daily and meanwhile this dude/sis is supposed to be a potential doctor……. Indeed many youths are captives of technology, all they do is charge — discharge, Charge — discharge, charge –discharge, moving about with charger! (Thank God for PowerBanks) 

Some young people actually believe without their phones they’ll die, some get suicidal tendencies when they have a low battery, SOME CAN GO TO BURIAL JUST TO CHARGE UP!! 

You want to be a doctor (doesn’t matter if you’re a ”Jambite”) can’t you start reading medical related books?… It’s either one of these or even all:

1: You’re chatting with your friend from a saloon where you’re charging your device.

Spoiler: he’s replying you from his office in KPMG. 

2: Or you’re chatting with your equally jobless friend discussing and arguing over Ronaldo’s red card or GEJ’s loss at the polls.

Spoiler: GEJ has accepted defeat, Ronaldo will be back… both men doesn’t even know you exist!

3: You’re chatting with your supposed girlfriend.

Spoiler: She’s replying you from another dudes bed..(Nigerian ladies are the most unfaithful in the world according to research)

4: Most celebrities/people claim they don’t chat; rather they reply messages, so that’s the norm now..

Spoiler: nothing oh… I just dey laugh u.

5: You’re chatting with a total stranger? 

Spoiler: Wetin u wan hear? Keep wasting your time.

6: (I know you have more; you’re the one with the chat doctorate) 

Brov/Sis, this your condition no be your village peeps oh… Leave prayer, You’re your own looming nightmare…

Ågbaya, Understand that what you spend your time doing is what you become. Nobody gets food on his/her table because he’s a great chatter… 

Forget the phone, think-ignite your future… At 18/22 you think you’re still a kid?? I bet that 60 year old man/lady who hawks pure water on your street used to think the same… 


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