On Chibok: A poem

26 Apr
On Chibok: A poem

One Poem, One Week


Shekau is Jay-Z

Singing I’ve got girls, girls,

Girls, girls.

Pointed rifles and aides flanking him


A Neanderthal in turban

Brazen and psychotic,

He holds the world to ransom

Call it terrorism

He kills in the name of a God

Leaving this god neither anonymous,

Nor blameless.

Bombs burst open

In market places, churches, parks, mosques

With seething effervescence

We condemn his gore and guts

Whilst our impotent imperialists masturbate

In clandestine spaces

The nation grows amok

Anomie twinkling persistent blips

The nation has been sabotaged

And they wave a flag of indifference,

Then a flag of denial, then a flag

Of amnesty, a flag of deliberation

In the face of carnage

Bombs, new land mines

Detonated by strapped suicide bombers

They die by diffusion and hope to fuck

Virgins in heavenly suites. They shout God is great.

But we already know. Man’s wickedness is greater


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