State Of The Faculty S03 E12

Hi guys, so this is the last state of the Faculty for this semester. Girls have to read 🙂

Joc’s Dodged was good for a first time event

Gfsc”s Anti-corruption symposium was ganiful (I don’t have an adjective to describe it)

House of Lords 2.0 was TURNT. I didn’t go but if you want exclusive gist, call me (tataafo mode)

Lecturers dished out tests all week. From Land law to criminal law, torts, family law and human rights, . It was not funny at all o.

#EXAM is here already. I hate exams sha… But I wish us all exam success. This doesn’t mean you should put books on a seat in the library for hours then come back & try to bounce the person sitting there (coz there have been some reports)

Flt and Diploma classes are now open for overnight

The course registration portal will be open on the 4th and 5th.

That’s a wrap y’all. Ill be back next semester, hopefully. Until then, read your books, have a turnt holiday and set that ‘P’.
Btw, my birthday is next month.(I don’t care if you’re writing exams o, my target is 100 calls, 50 texts, half of my bbm contacts using my dp, 3 cakes and 20 gifts including a puppy).
I’m not asking for much.

Speaking of birthdays, I’d like to use this opportunity to wish my darling Olamide Abe Benedicta Chesire a Happy Birthday!!! God bless you for me sweetie!!!


Jkec Charity ball May 1st (touch of white)

Remember, when the going gets tough, only the tough get going aka Hustle hard.


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