Beauty of the Week – Olokode Oreoluwa Ejide

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know it has been a pretty long time since I last brought to you guys a beauty from our esteemed faculty. Well, my bad. I totally have no excuse. Do forgive. So…. with this exam rush everyone has, I felt you guys would totally want a fine face to scope (if you have not started already though).


She’s a member of the class of ’17.
When she was still a new breed, way back in year 2, she was one of those girls guys looked forward to seeing. They just couldn’t help it.

Her names are Oreoluwa Ejide Olokode. Commonly called ‘Ore’ . The pretty ladt is a native of Ogun state. She’s the second out of three girls. Her birthday is on the 16th of September (she expects gifts).

She enjoys reading novels, gisting, ‘listening to moist music’ and sleeping.
She likes; ” I like people with a sense of humour, people that are honest and straight forward, say what they mean and all that”. She dislikes; ” I don’t like, pretentious people. People that have restless, fidgety habits, people that can’t take a joke or take too long to get the joke. I hateeee disorganized people/things”.


As regards her relationship status, she has this to say; “Lmao .I’m in a circumstance. I’m out of a relationship but in a circumstance…I don’t know how to explain it please=)) .” I had to tell her to totally try explaining in the simplest way, “I don’t have a relationship status. *sigh* I’m single and not searching”.(Guys! Do get her out of this circumstance!). She has no crush in the faculty.

Even though she is in a circumstance, it doesn’t mean she is numb to the opposite sex. She still gets turned on or off as,regards certain things from them.


Turn on: sense of humour, nice dentition, wit, common sense, sensitivity.

Turn off: arrogance, bad teeth, no sense of humour, no sense at all, boring people.”

When I asked her favourite body part, “Loool. I don’t have a favorite, I love all of me equally”.

Well, seeing as she is human, she can’t help but have memories. I had to ask her about her most embarrassing and most memorable. “Embarrassing; I was talking about a boy with my friends, I was really yabbing him and he was sitting right behind me.


Memorable; I can’t pick one. I’ve had a lot of memorable moments”

I just had to ask about the best first experience she ever had “Ohh. It was my first time on a roller coaster. Lool. Before I got on it, I was feeling like a bad guy, I got on it and I was screaming and crying. It was awesome”.


She has no favourite course. However, her favourite lecturer is “Lool. Dr Bello he’s so cute and funny”

Her favourite food; ” I don’t have a favorite food. I love food ='( that’s why I’m fat” (she is being sarcastic….she is not fat -__- ). Her best buds in the faculty are; Temi, Temidayo, Gboremi.Her role model; “Erm. Dr Oduwole. She’s so smart and beautiful and cool.

In as many adjectives as possible, Ore describes herself thus: “Ohh. I’m funny as hell, talkative and a little shy, impatient and my temper has a really short fuse”. Contrary to what people think that she is lousy and all, Ore says, ”she’s kinda shy”
Now down to the question we ask all law students…Why law? “Loool. It was the only course my dad approved of”. She believes the idea of the blog isn’t a bad one. She likes it.


Her last words; “Lmao. I don’t do things like that. I don’t have any motto or life quote or anything like that. I think stuff like that are daft but for this I’ll make an exception. ‘Live, love without reservations or regrets and laugh’ “.


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