Eggshells I – Running Mate

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You know, one of the most fragile things we have are eggs. Tender spheres that contain life, our greatest treasure. Impossible to replace, but unbelievably easy to break. You know what’s even more fragile than eggs? Broken eggs. I’ll like to liken eggs to people. Incredibly fragile. And even more fragile are broken people. There’s a lot of broken people out there. In fact, almost everyone you know is broken emotionally, psychologically, and in some cases, visibly, ie physically. These people are hard to find, even harder to care for. So I came up with project ‘eggshells’ to help these ones. I had originally planned to write a self help book titled ‘Eggshells’ detailing the things I have learnt about coping with brokenness. And yes, I am one of the broken. And who better to talk about heat than one who has been through the fire. While I do not…

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