Kayode Faniyi

kayode faniyi

“Anyone who believes what I am alleged to have said must be a moron – repeat, a moron.”

“Only the mentally retarded will credit this comment attributed to me regarding the Ndigbo voting pattern in the last elections.”

  • Wole Soyinka

These are typically strident words from WS, designed to cut to and through the bone. Just who are these morons that WS reserves this latest iteration of his incandescent ire for? Do the patients of his surgery even know they are being cut? Let’s attempt to match the blade to the patient.

That the writer of the story and the editorship of The Cable have a few nuts loose in the head goes without the saying. But then, it’s a news organization and given a choice between credibility and momentary notoriety, I suspect many in the news’ organization’s imprint would choose the later, especially in this era of clicks. Remember…

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