Ladies and Gentlemen!! Boys and Girls!! Children of all ages!! Law Students!!

We the indefatigable excos of the Forward team would like to celebrate with all the esteemed students of the prestigious Faculty of Law on the end of the exams, and we would also love  to congratulate everybody in advance on the amazing grades that by the grace of God, you will all attain..

Now we welcome you to the power packed second semester, which for the umpteenth time will feature the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival a.k.a LSS GAMES

This competition has featured multiple times in the past, but this year, “it is not going to be a joking stuvvs”. Why???


This year, apart from mind sublime alterations, apart from the awe-inspiring sporting spectacles and apart from a spectacular atmosphere that will bring everyone in the Faculty together, this year, there will be….(drum roll)…..(wait for it)…..A THEME SONG 😀

The theme for this year’s competition is “Do You Dare?”

We would love a theme song for the Festival, a theme song that will feature the sonorous voices, the lyrical dexterity and the poetic ingenuity of students of the Faculty of Law.

So we would absolutely be chuffed to bits if you, yes You, would write and compose a song, that goose-bumps breeding jam that will inspire everyone during the Festival, that will get the athletes in the zone, that will have the crowd cheering, a song, that is worthy of being the theme song for the 2015 ABIOLA OJO SPORTS FESTIVAL. 

Entries will be received on the 22nd of June! Other modalities will be passed across shortly… the person or group with the best theme song gets to record the song and perform it live at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. So get your creative juices flowing…

The only thing left to ask is,  Do You Dare?


SIGNED: PRO for the Forward Team

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