20 Incredibly Simple Words That Most People Spell Wrongly!

Time for a spelling bee! Let’s
see how well you do. If you realize you actually misspell all the 20 English words below, don’t actually sweat it too much, you are in good company.

Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Jane Austen and John Keats were all notoriously terrible spellers!

1. Wrong: Embarass
Correct: Embarrass

2. Wrong: Writting
Correct: Writing

3. Wrong: Accomodate
Correct: Accommodate

4. Wrong: Seperate
Correct: Separate

5. Wrong: Alot
Correct: A lot

6. Wrong: Truely
Correct: Truly

7. Wrong: Tommorow/ Tommorrow
Correct: Tomorrow

8. Wrong: Definately
Correct: Definitely

9. Wrong: Mispell
Correct: Misspell

10. Wrong: Alright(this may be allowed)
Correct: All right

11. Wrong: Maintainance
Correct: Maintenance

12. Wrong: Recieve
Correct: Receive

13. Wrong: Occassion/ Occassion/
Correct: Occasion

14. Wrong: Occurence
Correct: Occurrence

15. Wrong: Momento
Correct: Memento

16. Wrong: Priviledge
Correct: Privilege

17. Wrong: Miniscule
Correct: minuscule

18. Wrong: Neccessary
Correct: Necessary

19. Wrong: Pronounciation
Correct: Pronunciation

20. Wrong: Wierd
Correct: Weird.

The good thing about the smart phones we have
now is that they all come with dictionaries pre-
installed, if you are not sure of a spelling, simply
type it out on your phone and let it correct it for

And please, don’t get too attached to chating abbreviations because you may unconsciously use them when writing an examination or formal write-up.

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