Let’s face it; the English language indeed is a crazy one.

According to grammatical palatability, there are over 2000 rules guiding the usage of words embedded in the language lexicon. Moreover, in the application of these words, you must be flexirigid (i.e. both simple and complex) in the adoption process. While rules binding a word aren’t the same with that of another word in the same word class. Hmm.

When a person who teaches is a teacher and another who preaches is a preacher, then why am I wrong when I say who cooks is a cooker? Well, when I sweep, am I a sweeper and when my brother packs does it mean that he is a packer? OMG! I can’t exhaust my ink tube by going on with the endless list of regularities and irregularities of the English language.

There is no pine in the pineapple neither is there an egg in the eggplant. French fries weren’t made in France. Sandwich wasn’t made by a witch neither is it made from sand. If advance is to increase positively, then what would develop be? If bear can be to give birth and can also be an animal covered with hair, how do we differentiate these words? Another problem which confuses and adds to the stupidity surrounding the world’s number one is the use of stolen words. The word ‘SABI’ which is taken by most people to speak vernacular language. Some people would say “I SABI AM” – ‘SABI’ is a word meaning ‘to know’ in the Portuguese language. Frequently used words like village, president, etcetera, e.g, NB, are stolen words from other languages.

Furthermore, I would like to make emphasis on a word more confusing than any other. The word ‘up’ can be used to start, end, or begin something. Sometimes we get fed up in order to get up in order to get up to a solution. Hmm. The word ‘up’ would take up to a page and a half in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Lexicographers declare that it has up to 23 different usages. Joseph couldn’t put up before the time was up and so he was called up by his sister who sits up there every evening. He then stood up, went up to the elevator to meet up with her. Sometimes we wake up, we start up, we rise up, we sit up, we run up, we round up, we give up, we keep up, we call up, we shut up and we end up. Some people climb up trees. She beat him up because he went up the stairs. We make up for events, we make up our preparations and our ladies get make up to look comely and tushed up.

I think I would like to end up this talk about up for my time is up.


  1. well. .well….look what we’ve got here..
    am beginning to like you but still WHERE IS THAT AMAZING ELEMENT?… I will be a follower for a while so…as a warning don’t write to impress write to be original…write relevancy….
    currently you rank the least efficient writer on the blog. I really really want you to change this…such potential could deliver better aired views on relevant situations.
    Look through the blog friend, you’ll see good writers from a marvelous to a fluctuating folami girl and a quite tho not so better but better Orebello, see Great’s column… originality is a quality a writer must not and never do away with…subdue the egotics and deliver…
    wish you well …


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