The New Google Tweet Section

Google and Twitter have teamed up. Google will now have a tweet section, which will appear in real time on the top of the search engine when users search for keywords or phrasesThis groundbreaking initiative, joins the Internet giants, Google and Twitter, and will change the Google search algorithm. When searching with a mobile -smartphone or tablets, tweets related to the topic searched appear. For example, as Webpronews noted, when you search on a name, such as “Taylor Swift”, you see tweets that she has put out there. Google will therefore include a new section with tweets which will be the first thing that appears when searching with the mobile.

For now, this new single will be available in the US English version, but they are planning to expand this amendment both to other countries and in other languages. It may be used on Android and Apple operating systems, and from a pc browser.
Binding of the search engine and a social network is going to generate a large change in SEO ( Search engine Opimization). Twitter favors this change because it will offer a much higher visibility for its registered users, whether individual profiles as brand or media.
In terms of which tweets, Google chooses to show, it could be taking any variety of factors into account. It does say “Popular on Twitter,” on some certain results, but it sometimes shows tweets that are only seconds old and haven’t had much time to become too popular, so it’s likely taking other popularity signals into account. Possibly follower count or popularity of shared links.

Webpronews still states that, Google in its initial blog post showed an example of a search for Malcolm X, and included a tweet from Stacy Parker LeMelle, who has 10.5K followers. The tweet was just 12 seconds old. Google is likely using the popularity of the actual link being shared as a signal as well. That same tweet included a link from the New York Times, which was no doubt shared plenty of times.

This agreement also also enhances rumors of a possible takeover of Twitter by Google.
This is an exciting new concept for online businesses and individual bloggers alike.

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