This is not to say that year 5 have nothing to offer. Far be it from me. In fact, year 5 has a lot of fantastic female footballers, I could call 10 off the top of my head! Like em… err… errm… well, they’re too numerous to remember, but they have fantastic footballers. I’m sure (hehe). 

However, setting year 5 aside, I am curious as to the potential and possibilities of the female 5 A-side tourney this year. Considering the teams involved;


The big deal about the year 1 girls this year has been how they swarmed in like Moses’ plague upon the Egypt of our events, [where some felt they had no locus(t)], ushering in a new era in…well, ushering. A lot of people gave them a lot of stick for a lot of things, but my novice opinion is that the young girls did laudably well, considering.
However, football is a different ball game (no pun intended) and the ball is now in their court (no pun intended) it’s up to them to seize this chance by the balls (no pun intended!) and ball in like ballers against their more experienced counterparts who will most definitely be looking to teach them a lesson or two! But can they? From what I have seen so far… and I see a lot, these young ladies have a lot to offer.


I must confess I was a bit skeptical about this team last year. However, they showed all those who were watching that they weren’t intimidated by anybody or any level. The likes of Uju set aside their contacts and got completely immersed in the contact sport!
Now they have merged with the diploma students and have a bigger array of fearless, battle ready ladies to pick from. They should be a team to look out for in this one, dark horses if you will.
But can they do enough to win it? I harbour reservations.


Big Ups to the defending champions!!! This team plays what I can only describe as persuasive football. With no particular style, nor any apparently discernable pattern, this team simply puts the ball inside the net. And if that’s not football, I don’t know what is.
With a blend of talismanic players like Amaka and popular names like the quasi-twins Lolade and Busayo also making it into the squad, this team has the potential to mix things up a bit and diversify their gung-ho approach. They out played and out scored every other team last year, and I’m certain they are here with every intent to repeat the same feat!



Now then, this particular team is generally peculiar to me. From being undisputed champions the year before with outstanding, surprising passing football and plenty of goals to being the last team on the league table the next year, this team puts me in mind of an oxymoron… simply complicated!
It all boils down to the personnel that turn out on the field! The coach does have a lot to do if his team is to replicate their success of 2013!
The tales being churned out by the rumour mill have it that the old players from the 2013 all conquering team are coming back this year! If that’s true then we are set for the greatest oxymoron of all time….. CIVIL WAR!!!!! Be warned!

YEAR 5: Well….



  1. Lmao… Nice one Mr Jones, with this I am determined to take back the title and am sure we “oxymorons” r all in this together… One again u have done it

    And then year5: well… ama leave the balls to u
    😀 🙂 🙂


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