Secret Diaries of a Perfect Law Student


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June 16

Dear Davy Jones, this week could not get shittier. It is that time of the month, and Siji, the Babcock intern, has decided to pick a fight with me. Big mistake. On a normal day, I wouldn’t pick a fight with me. How much more when the red robots are attacking?June 17

Dear Davy Jones, I was made for this. I am leading. He started it first. He went to hide the volume of the Halsbury I was using. I am still looking for it.

Mr Lawal’s plan to frustrate me is a blessing in disguise. He set up a team, earler in the week, for an appellate brief – Me, Siji and Korede. Korede is an associate, a sweet guy, nice, responsible, fine, rich, and smart and take home to mama ish. I am not tripping. Okay, maybe just a small crush. Back to the main point, I have to deal with one issue, Siji has one, Korede has two and doubles as our supervisor. Mr Lawal is the lead consel for the case, Korede is the second lawyer – can’t remember the correct term atm. Siji and I are the least liked interns, but Korede gets along with everybody so he doesn’t really have a problem with us. Everybody knows that Siji and I don’t get along, even Mr Lawal…

June 18

Work started in earnest yesterday. The plans have been set in motion…

Mission 1: Ruin Siji’s photocopy for Mr Lawal. Put already used paper in the paper tray. Piece  of cake. Mission accomplished.

Mission 2: Delete Siji’s work on his lappie. Easier than expected. He went to flirt with Uncle Sunny’s secretary. Mission accomplished.

I almost died from holding my laughter when Siji came in looking confused. We both knew it was me but he couldn’t say a word.

Mission 3: Spill coffee over the handwritten version of his work. I overdid this one. It affected Korede too. Mission accomplished tho.

God! this feels good. He should just have left me alone.

June 19

Even I didn’t see this coming. Nice one…

The firm is a cosy firm. Everybody knows everybody and is connected in a way. Everybody either went to U.I or is related to Uncle Sunny or both, then there is the need for a Masters from a UK university and proficiency in a foreign language. Korede speaks German *sigh* Siji is doing chinese. *scoff* Basically, everybody goes out on Friday. This Friday, they were doing Karaoke. I sing pretty well and I am looking forward to it. I am going with Korede and Liman. Liman is another hot associate. He is married though. His wife is using his car as hers has broken down. So, Korede is driving Liman and me. Others have their partners or cars. Siji has a car. He actually asks if I want to follow him. -_- Are you kidding me?

Around 4.00pm, Siji comes to tell me that Korede said he will be running late and he will leave around 7.15 or 8.00pm, and Liman would go home because of his wife and all. I gladly return to my work. So when everybody is leaving by some minutes before six, I am not worried. When it is 7.30 and I have not heard from Korede, I go round and realize I am the only person in the building. I am putting two and two together and I don’t like the four I am getting. It is an odd number.

When I get home around nine, I ping Korede. He replies by asking me if I am having a guilty conscience for changing my mind. He says he knows I am working hard to change the impression people have of me, but that sometimes people get to really know you if you hang out together. I tell him I would have been bad company as it is that time of the month. He sends me a straight face and types Too Much Information. I give him a toothy grin and type goodnight. Ikr, we just click like that.

This is Siji’s doing. He definitely told Korede that I changed my mind about going.

June 20

Dear Davy Jones, How come I didn’t see that one coming. I let my guard down. Never again…

June 21

Dear Davy Jones, God has a sense of humour. Guess what the sermon was about – forgiveness. And the memory verse? ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’ Don’t look at me…



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