Dip ‘Pression


You are always told
‘don’t give up’
But you should
Before it buries your head
Deep into deep.

‘you can make it’
But you can’t
You should run
And never come back

‘you are strong’
You aren’t
You have broken down
A million times with a smile on your face
You have woken up with a flush of incompetent disgrace.

You do not look at yourself in the mirror
Because half of yourself is paralysed
Fit for the day’s duties

Strokes of charcoal numbs the canvas of your day
Beeps, phone calls-phone calls that noises your deadness

Books that you once loved in leverage
You hate

There is no where to go but home
And home is not home
It is a TV and a sofa-
A rented resting place

Neighbours never let you rest
It is firm company of zombies
That hope not to die

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