The “Stupid” Rain


The sound of the rain pouring down on the ground,
Its’ continuous beating sound on the roofs,
‘I love it when it rains’, I thought to myself.
Going down memory lane to my childhood days.
When I and my friends sing “Rain rain go away”
But our intention is not for the rain to stop.
No! We wanted it to continue all the way.
Little as we were, singing and dancing in the rain.
We didn’t care about the cold we were endangered to.
We didn’t think of the shivering and sneezing we will
experience afterwards.
We just cherished the smell of the wet ground.
We just nurtured the feel of raindrops on our skin.
We just loved the clinging of wet clothes to our bodies.
And we just wondered and wondered
how waters could drop from the skies.
But now, times have changed.
The knowledge of the hazards in staying in the rain
would not allow us sing and play away like little ones.
The struggles in life of becoming someone great
does not give room for fun anymore.
It rains now and we are concerned with
‘My clothes on the line would not get dry’
Another says, ‘My bedroom windows are all open’
And we end our saying with sarcasm;
All because of this “stupid” rain.
We forget to weigh its benefits over our discomfort.
That without the rain, there will be famine and drought.
That without the rain, the earth will loose its freshness.
That without the rain, that beautiful rainbow would not surface.
So the question posed to us is this:
Is it the rain that is stupid, or us?


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