Secret Diaries of a Perfect Law Student


#NP Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem

June 22

New day, new hustle. Dear Davy Jones, I actually apologized to Siji, you should have seen his face.

Siji asks me if I want to go to the restaurant on the other side of the street. The Ewa ganyin is epic. I take a deep breathe

‘See Siji, don’t get this twisted. We are not friends or anything. I just want to not keep watching my back. It was very childish of me to have done everything I did last week. I just wanted us to be cool. Are we?’

‘Are we what?’ God. This boy is slow. ‘Are we cool? As in, no hard feelings?’

‘No. Have lunch with me, let me make it up to you’

I am a unilag girl. You know what that means? I can’t say no to free lunch especially when the guy has a car and is using a Samsung S6.

June 23

Dear Davy Jones, done with the appellate brief. I am going with Liman to court. I am actually enjoying this.

June 24

Dear Davy Jones, my Dad stopped by today. Totally not fresh. Everyone knows I am a Daddy’s girl now. I won’t hear the last of it. Siji and Korede are on my case…

June 25

School next week. God! Results will be out too. Can you imagine? I can’t deal. This has been my best week so far. Mr Lawal laughed at one of my dry jokes. He even collected my BBpin.

June 26

Every Friday, the lawyers have a meeting. We just kinda recap for the week, get action points for the next week and just close the loop holes and all. If you mess up, you get a tongue lash from Uncle Sunny. Even Mr Lawal can’t be saying stuff if Uncle Sunny is talking. If you are really good, you are commended. Liman, for instance, would appear in the Supreme Court next week with Uncle Sunny. He was the only lawyer that completed all his tasks for the week. Siji and I were commended for the good job on the appellate brief. I heard there is some sort of recognition for the best intern. I can’t get that. Mr Lawal commended me, saying that I have improved remarkably. I couldn’t help the joker grin that appeared on my face.

This Friday, nobody is going out. They have to be available on Saturday for Barrister Akinyele’s wedding. He is a senior lawyer here. He keeps to himself but he is highly respected.

Siji asks me again if he can come and pick me from home to the wedding.

‘Who says I am going for this wedding? And I definitely don’t want you around my house.’

‘Scared that you are going to fall in love with me?’ I gag. ‘Siji, have you been reading Harlequin? I had lunch with you, you owe me nothing.’

June 28

Weekend. Dear Davy Jones, I am playing big sister this weekend. I am happy. This week’s been great. By the way, Kelechi and I had a bet. Would Siji ask me out or not? I put my money where my mouth is.

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