To Kamaldeen

By Samiat Bakare
Kamaldeen. Its a beautiful name. I don’t know the name your father and I would agree on, but for now Kamaldeen seems just fine.
At the moment, I’m in my fourth year in the university and your dad is not yet in the picture. I don’t think we’ve met. But not to worry, he’ll be in the picture when you read this. By then I’ll be speaking to you from the past.
The beauty of the pen.

Growing up, you would have no major worries aside from your assignments from school, you not liking your new class teacher, you hating your daily “healthy meals”. You would be free like the wind and soar any height you wish.
In your adolesence, you would realize that society limits freedom. You would realize that rather than two, there are three scales for judging. The good, the bad, the norm. The norm straddling along the line of the bad but not perceived as bad, simply the norm.
Without even knowing, you may start living your life according to the pattern created by society.
Occasionally, you would have breakdowns. You would begin to notice your attraction to the opposite sex.
You would have conflicting questions on what you want to become.
Who knows, your favorite subject may be Technical Drawing and in the end you find yourself in Art class. Before you know it you are at the university studying law, not essentially hating it but you just may find yourself adapting to like it.
In your dreams, you don’t see yourself in the courtroom defending cases rather you see yourself drawing up plans for amazing architectural buildings like the many on your phone; and living the pattern created by life.
Dear son, no matter how much your father and I would love you and try to protect you, the truth is life would not turn out to be what you expected. Life would hurt you and only you can heal the injuries.
You can start by first being yourself. Follow your instincts, they are always right. Have faith in God, he never gives one an ordeal greater than one can bear.
I’m sure your father and I would lay a good foundation in your upbringing, use it as your guiding principles. Don’t hate life, learn from her. Break free from the shackles of society and most importantly, be true to yourself.
Your mum.
(yet to be and not in a rush to be)
I love you already.

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