Get Familiar – “Law Ladies Bespoke (LLB): IF I WAS RACHEL”

ladies day - tunrayo

Our world is amazing, moving at a fast pace and progressing from stride to stride, conquering obstacle after obstacle, all to ensure that the world is a better place for us all. The world celebrates the titans that champion this evolvement. The vessels that transport and transform us for the better. The world must be a blissful utopia right? Well think again

We live in a world where a successful woman is an aberration to modus operandi of the workings of our contemporary society. We live in a world where the thought of a female Nigerian President is folly at best. We live in a world where a woman, in order to be successful, has to ply a much onerous path than that of their male counterparts.

The resultant successes of titans such as Aliko Dangote, Fola Adeola, Tonye Cole, President Muhammadu Buhari(GCFR) et al. would not have been so if they were female. They would not have been able to surmount the cumbersome frontiers posed by the society if they were future wives, mothers or matrons. They would not be in the same enviable position that they are in, “if they were Rachel”, with Rachel” being the fictitious yet quintessential driven modern day woman.

In light of this fact, the Law Students Society, University of Lagos, has conjured up a programme titled Law Ladies Bespoke (LLB): IF I WAS RACHEL”. The raison d’être of this programme, is to highlight the ways in which various social and cultural constructs are serving as impediments hindering the ultimate success of women in the society. The programme shall bring to light the reality, which is that if a woman were to take exactly the same steps as their male counterparts, she would not end up nestled on the same apogee of society that the man may find himself in. Most important of all, it would underline the ways in which a woman can conquer these obstacles, the things to be done to remedy the unfavorable situation, and collaterally celebrate womanhood.ladies day - liz(1)

The prominent ethos of the programme is that rather than women speaking, it would be successful men, who would be addressing the issue by juxtaposing it with their strides in their own fields. The speakers would mavens in various sectors of society, such as Law, Music and Entertainment, Politics, Business, Academia, and the Arts. Successful mercurial women in turn, would the chairs, coordinators and moderators of the event.

ladies day - toke(1)

The programme is scheduled to take place on the 28th of August, 2015 at the University Of Lagos and with its avant-garde subject matter and thought provoking yet noteworthy speakers, it promises to be absolutely serendipitous. See you there 😀

ladies day - ife

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