TEAM WORK – By Akindele Olabode

While reading a newspaper, something crossed my mind. It is the fact that most beautiful achievements of people all over the world became possible as a result of team work. The point is a lot can be achieved if only we can work with other people.

Team work can be likened to the building of a house. It is a known fact that one person can’t construct it alone.  A lot of professionals are needed; the architect, electrician, plumber etc are needed to construct a ‘meaningful’ house. They need to work as a ‘team’.

The basic truth is that team work is needed in almost all aspects of our individual lives. In business, a substantial achievement will be gained if the players can work as a team and vice versa. In establishing a company for example, a lot of professionals have to come together to plan. Accountants would be needed for financial activities, lawyers for legal activities and so on. They are all needed for the business to stand.
Communication is needed for team work to work. Therefore as individuals we need to equip ourselves with the skill of communication.
The importance of team work cannot be over emphasized. Team work breeds harmony, harmony in the sense that the members of the team work as one entity causing growth not only in their immediate concern but also to the country at large. It is important to note that it also leads to efficiency. Apart from efficiency team work gives room for learning new things. In a one-man team the individual is limited to his/her idea alone; this doesn’t give the room to learn new things unlike team work.
                                                                                Akindele olabode
Faculty of Law
100 level

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