Secret Diaries of a Perfect Law Student


#np All I do is win by DJ Khaled ft Ludacris, T-pain, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg

June 29
Dear Davy Jones, I hate Mondays. They are very depressing. Is it just me or was I bored at work? Besides my work load has reduced, I would soon go and I don’t want to leave any unfinished business.
I brought me some Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Nicholas Sparks. I know, I know, I promised that I wouldn’t touch any romance novel again, but I am really craving some. Plus, Suits is back and Rachel and Mike are just in your face. Speaking of suits, am beginning to hate Harvey and the whole drama in this season is just too much. *sigh*
June 30
Today was bad. Donald came to look for me at work. He fell sick and he was the only person at home. He tried calling me but I had switched of my mobile network. He looked sick. My poor baby. To cut the long story short, I had to go back home and play baby sitter. I love Donald and I think I can die for him. I am a big sister like that. Yup.
July 1                   
Dear Davy Jones, new month. No work, staying with Donald. His fever has not broken yet. At least, I think I understand what that expression means. I miss work – not Siji. Don’t give me that look. But I miss my brother more, thanks to my slavery internship, we haven’t had time to talk. His girlfriend came over. Phinuella is a good person, but good things don’t last forever. Liman pinged me. Even Mr Lawal. Korede didn’t. He called. Ok, Siji called too. I feel like I have been sorely missed.
July 2         
My parents are at home. Around midnight yesterday, Donald got worse. This morning, he is surprisingly bright and has an appetite. Thank God. No work today. I am too busy playing nurse. Major family time too. Am excited!!!
July 3                  
Dear Davy Jones, final day at work. I don’t get to do anything. Isn’t that awesome? I still have my novels here, I am so going to enjoy my last day.
It is a chilling mode. Today is Friday so weekend blues are beginning to set in. At first,  Korede, Siji and Liman are gisting with me. They are actually grilling me. Like, is Donald really my brother? Yes, he is like fiiiiiineeeerrr than me byyyy faaaaar. You know how one child in the family gets all the good genes and the others look horrible, that’s how it is for us, except that Donald got all the good things. So, yeah we don’t look alike. We talk about him for a while and they talk about their own siblings before I bury my nose in my novel. I don’t realise that SIji is in front of me until I feel the novel leave my hands. And he is reading out from the page I am on. I have to spare you the embarrassing details, you know. Sometimes, romance novels have explicit scenes and some unrealistic standard of beauty. Korede and Liman are laughing. Although Liman runs away, because he doesn’t want to break his fast. When I reach saturation point, I try to grab the book from him, but I merely succeed in ripping it apart. Siji apologises immediately, and that’s when my radar goes off. Siji doesn’t apologise, he actually never apologises. He just says stuff like, ‘let me make it up to you’, ‘let me buy you something’, ‘lunch is on me’ etc. He puts his hand in my bag, which is on the table in front of me, and brings out a cellotape. I am amused.
‘How did you know that was in there?’
He tries to salvage the book. ‘You know what else is in there? Tissue, toothpicks, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, a makeup purse, a ruler, a nail cutter, transparent nail varnish, office and safety pins, plasters, methylated spirit, a bottle of perfume, panty lin…’ I elbow him in the ribs. ‘You have made your point.’ ‘I am sorry for going through your bag. I did it before we became friends.’ I accept his apology, although I point out that we are not friends and I am about to leave the conference room. I know I am a few sentences away from losing the bet. ‘So, I was thinking we should get cup cakes.’ I am confused. ‘We?’ ‘Yeah, parting gifts for the firm?’ ‘Oh, I already have a letter of appreciation that we could both sign. My Dad insisted.’ He raises his eyebrows. I sigh. ‘Errr… we should definitely do cupcakes in addition to the letter.’ ‘Okay.  Mayen, I am sorry about your novel. Let’s do ice cream. I want to make up for that and for being so immature when we started working.’ ‘Okay.’ Korede winks covertly at me. I am losing the bet. Oh God! I need that Peruvian hair.
We go to Cakes and Cream. I am so nervous. My resumption hair is very much dependent on the outcome of this thing. So we are talking about general stuff until this awkward silence. ‘Are we now friends?’ I was definitely not expecting this. I blink as if to clear my confusion. He continues. ‘You know, when you apologised, you said you didn’t want to be friends. I want to know if you have changed your mind. I am sorry for everything.’ My eyes are wide. ‘Are we friends? Can you overlook everything to be my friend?’ I swallow. Is that all? Is there a bombshell waiting to drop? He is looking expectantly. I put out my hand for a handshake. ‘We are friends. I just wish we could have started as friends and not enemies’. He smiles and says, ‘that’s my line.’ For the rest of the time there, there is no awkwardness.
Before we leave, I run to the Bathroom and call Kelechi. I am very close to screaming. ‘I am in the friend zone. You lose. He didn’t ask me out. I am coming over this weekend for the hair.’ Who could have thought the Friend Zone could be so cool?
July 5
Hair on fleek. Faculty of Law, here I come!

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