The Games Are Coming – Basketball Preview


Ah Yes, the Prof Abiola Ojo Sports Festival is upon us once again, and this year promises to be a spectacle like non other witnessed by the Faculty of Law. Although, the fiercely contested football competition may attract the lion’s share of the hype and attention, it is certainly by no means the only event being looked forward to. With that being said, enter the Prof Abiola Ojo Sports Festival Basketball Competition. Basketball may not be the most popular of sports in Nigeria, but it is gaining a tornado of popularity, especially in the Faculty of Law with thanks to Justice Kayode Eso’s annual “Slam Dunk” and the fact that all the fine boys seem to play basketball(:D).
Anyway, let us highlight this year’s participants:-

CLASS OF ’15 Retribution
Ladies and Gentlemen, the seniors of the faculty have the same advantages in this sport that they do in almost all the others, and that is Strength and Power. They tower above all other competitors and they have been playing with each other for quite a while now.
Femi’s drive and will to win, Feranmi’s sleek shooting and Lex’s conspicuous height and agility are some of the things that led to this team holding the current champions to the very end everytime that they meet.
They featured in the last two finals against the Class of ’17, losing out on both occasions to their juniors. Last year’s triple overtime final showed that the Class of ’17 is either waning or the Class of ’15 is strengthening. Either way, they will be bloodthirsty this time out, as they set out to finally beat the defending champions.
This is their last opportunity to win it and take the title to law school. The safe bet is that they would not be taking things lightly and will certainly be going for the jugular.

The Class of ’16 are probably the most disappointing team in this year’s competition (relax, its not beef), this is because they’ve never performed as well as they should in the competition. We are by no means saying that they should ordinarily be winning the competition year in year out, but they certainly should at least get a medal (at least once in a while).
Fitness and cohesion often prove to be their waterloo, but this situation could be easily vitiated by an extended period of training. The fact that they haven’t even done enough to be touted to win this, has painted them with a noise maker like motif which punctures any contrived air of awesomeness.
Jaiyesimi, Jide, Poju, Laylo et al. should do more than give Qasim a chance to have highlights worthy of the Tax Club Signage TV, and with the stakes higher than ever, this year would be a golden chance to get the proverbial monkey off their backs and take home the gold.

Sports Secretary Qudus (Class of '17) dribbles the Ball

Yes, yes, yes beautiful people of the Faculty of Law, the Class of ’17 are the UNDISPUTED champions of the faculty. They have been designated as “bullies”, because their basketball playing prowess has gone as far as to frighten teams from competing (not a joking stuvvs).
Bafewa who towers like the faculty of law statue of justice (with no hips though), Dominic who has recently begun to ruthlessly dunk on his victims (like amala into ewedu), Tobi the self-proclaimed lion who capriciously throws innumerable passes, Ebi and Sebastian who pack more muscle than uncooked ram during Sallah and of course Hosana(our no.1 supporter)
Qasim (so good, he deserves his own paragraph) is called “White Kobe” by those who frequent the Sports Centre. The Sports Secretary is so good that he caught the attention of the UNILAG coaches since he was in 100 level. An array of skills and tricks render it nearly impossible to mark the Class of ’17’s ruthless Point Guard. Kobe Bryantesque ball handling, Steph Curryesque shooting, and of course, dribbling that figuaratively tells his opponents “gerout of here mehn”. He is the main reason why this team cripples everyone in their path.
The safe bet is to say that the Class of ’17 would be undoubted winners, but the truth is nothing is ever that simple. Everyone is out stop their dream of winning it 5 years in a row. It is not impossible to stop them, but the question is, Do You Dare???

The Class of ‘18. This is their second time out at the Prof Abiola Ojo Sports Festival, and undoubtedly they would be hoping that it would be better than their last.
Not too many people would give them a chance, why? Well in spite of the fact that basketball is a physical game and can be merciless on the body at times, last year their best player was a girl (like Man U’s best player is a goalkeeper). They were also beaten even every match they played, and were so demoralized that they refused to play against the Class of ’17 (they lost 1000 gangsta points there).
But regardless of the fact that their past outing was lacklustre, Ebun is a very good player and regardless of the fact that she may not be able to be as physical as her male counterparts, she shoots better than most of them (yayyy feminists). Also, the new D.E intakes such as Timi and Oscar could give them the much needed “umph” that they would require to turn heads at this year’s competition. 


Seeing as this the first time that the Class of ’19 would participate in the Prof Abiola Ojo Sports Festival, it should not require much explanation as to why they have been dubbed “the rookies”.
As can be expected, not very much can be written about the Freshman basketball team, why? Err, isn’t it obvious? They’ve never played a match against any team in the faculty, and in fact they probably haven’t played a match of any kind at all. Announcement of the Prof Abiola Ojo Sports Festival is probably the only prompt to finally constitute a team.
They’re just knowing each other, they haven’t figured out what positions are best for whom, any talk of team chemistry is a red herring etc. These are the rhetoric that are in place when talking about the rookies to the competition.
It is very tempting to say that they have no chance, but the Class of ’17 destroyed that presumption by winning the competition in their very first attempt. The Class of ’19 come here with a blank slate, and they no doubt seek to fill it with tales of glory.

Published by Teni Akeju

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