Beauties of the week.- Benita and Anita David-Akoro

By Jessica Durotinu

Hi guys and welcome back to school! Although I am technically still on hols.
It has been a long time (See you again playing in background) but the wait was definitely worth it.
So during exam period, whilst everyone was hurdled up being serious and all, I realized my eyes was still awesome in finding beauties even in the library. I saw these two and could not help but stare.


They are twins and of the law class of ’15. They ain’t totally identical but it’s still difficult to know who’s who -__- (they mess with my head like that). Anyways, they are Benita & Anita (drum rolls!). They from a family of five kids and are Catholics and trust me, they have pretty long names 😮

Q: Full names
Benita: David-Akoro Benita Ogheneruemu.

Anita: David-Akoro Anita Oghenevware Simone

Q: Birthday
Benita: June 30
Anita: 30th of June and I am first 😀


Q: State of origin
Benita: Delta state
Anita: Delta state

Q: Hobbies
Benita: Singing, Movies, Reading.

Anita: Movies, traveling and sleeping.

Q: Likes and dislikes.
Benita: Likes; the beach, Cooking, Learning new stuff. People who are straight to the point. Helping people in one way or another. Music, gadgets. Dislikes pretenders. Wicked people. Dirty and unkempt/scattered people & places. People who smell, proud and overconfident people


Anita: I like watching movies, visiting new places, going out n sleeping Lol . I dislike pretenders, dirty people and environment and chauvinists

Q: Relationship status
Benita: Single.
Anita: Lool. Just put a dash on that one.

Q: Crush or crushes
Benita: Hmm.. Nope.
Anita: Nah……. none.

Q: Favourite body part
Benita: I don’t think I have one
Anita: My face.


Q: Turn ons and turn offs in the opposite sex.
Benita: Turn ons, Tall (rather taller than me) and clean and nice smelling guys. Turn off.. Fat… (Fatter than me). Lol….. and inability to use cologne. Cuz some guys can smell awful.

Anita: Turn on…Intelligent and gentlemen (u know, guys that just exhibit the littlest things that boys of nowadays don’t possess). Turn off…proud and arrogant men. I like neat guys too o not scruffy looking people


Q: Political position in the faculty so far?
Benita: Oil and gas bar’s Financial Secretary….Last year.

Anita: I was the director of research for the oil and gas bar last year

Q: Favourite food
Benita: King sized/ jumbo prawns with combination fried rice.

Anita: I don’t have a favorite food, any tasty well prepared food works for me

Q: Most memorable and most embarrassing moment.
Benita: Err.. Can’t think of an embarrassing moment sorry. Memorable… Probably when I passed diploma. Not most memorable but one of it.


Anita: Most memorable moment…hmm, the last time I travelled, it was quite memorable. Most embarrassing moment…I’ve had a series of them but not one that soo embarrassing…so I guess none


Q: Favourite course and lecturer
Benita: Don’t have one.

Anita: Tax law and I don’t have a favorite lecturer in Unilag. However, there is this man, Mr Olatunde Busari SAN, He taught me for my arbitration exam…in all my years in unilag, no one has taught like him,maybe except Professor Oyewo.

Q: Most awkward moment you have ever been in together with your twin.
Benita: Lol. No awkward moment. We tend to laugh about things together in most situations. So. Not awkward for us but for the subject of the laughter. Lol.

Anita: None actually… There’s been no awkward moment. If anything it’ll be awkward for someone else coming towards us that we’re talking about or something lol.

Q: Most romantic gesture ever given or gotten.
Benita: Romantic? Lol. No romantic gesture here.

Anita: I don’t have any one


Q: Nicknames
Benita: None that I like.
Anita: Nah…..none

Q: Best buds in the faculty
Benita: My sister. Lol. Seyi Ilawole, Dare Wemimo, Fransisca , Nora, Sonia , Shalom, Kayinsola and Elizabeth.

Anita: There a lot…scattered in various classes

Q: Best first experience at anything
Benita: Baking

Anita: I can’t think of a BEST experience .

Q: Role model
Benita:My mum, Bimpe onakoya (makeup aspect).

Anita: My mom and my secondary school principal, Sr Rita Akin-Otiko

Q: Contrary to what people think…., you are?
Benita: Not humane, emotional…. I have a heart and can smile… When necessary. I tend not to bother about stuff like that.

Anita: Lol…how would I know what people think? I don’t actually know what people think …. Oh…they thought that I was uptight, that was in yr 2. I don’t think they think that anymore.

Q: Why Law?
Benita: Because I wasn’t really good at what I wanted to do, i.e be in the sciences and study engineering. So. Moved to arts and Law was the only logical thing to do.

Anita: I’ve always had the knack for it. Since I was little, fascinated by the way they spoke and the ability to defend people who were defenseless.

Q: Describe yourself in as many adjectives as possible
Benita: Kind, intelligent, beautiful, humble.

Anita: Intelligent, caring, humble and beautiful .

Q: Opinion on the blog
Benita: Its a good thing you guys have going on there.. Its a platform for people to express themselves outside the faculty and its also accessible by everyone so that’s cool…

Anita: The blog is a good innovation, but it shouldn’t be used to smear people’s name or reputation. Just to keep being informative and interesting

Q: Last words
Benita: Be yourself
Anita: To thy own self, be true.

It’s a wrap guys! I can assure you that the time spent with this guys, was totally worth it. Xoxoxo

Interview by Jessica Durotinu

Published by Teni Akeju

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  1. Probably the most wacky interview I’ve read in a long while….looks like the girls had their responses planned before the interview…they were like “no”,”nah”,”we don’t do that”….but as I will always say “that’s not my business”


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