Student of the Week – Misthura Otubu


Anytime I think of the Paradox ‘Small but Mighty’, my mind immediately diverts to this very small but brilliant, amazingly talented, very interesting and friendly young lady. She’s such a sweetheart that’s there’s hardly anyone in year 3 right now that is not simply stunned by her cordial and calm nature. It therefore gives me great pleasure to Introduce Our student of the Week (drumroll) Miss Misthura Ayodeji Otubu. She’s the niece of a Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Law Dr Otubu and a current member of the Law Society Trust Fund.

Misthura is about five-feet tall and a devout Muslim. Our sources tell us that her reading/studying Skills are simply unbelievable. Yeah… she’s that good.(as per Efiwe) and her best book is Kodinliye and Aluko ‘Law of Tort’. (Lol, just kidding, but it’s her favourite textbook sha)

Here’s our interview with Miss Otubu.

Tairere: Hello Misthura, how’s your day been?
Misthura Otubu: splendid…  thanks and yours?
Tairere I’m doing fine thank you! So tell us about yourself
Misthura: My name is Misthura Otubu, I’m the first child from a family of five.  I have two lovely  siblings; a boy and a girl. They  are my best friends in the whole world. I hail from Ogun State,  Ijebu-ode to be precise. I have a personal blog titled and writing is something I love doing,  My Second love is spaghetti!! I read or watch movies during my spare time. I also hang out with my friends a lot and I love God.

Tairere: So why did you decide to study law?
Misthura: It has always been a childhood dream.


Tairere: So you’ve just always fancied lawyers? 
Misthura: Not neccessarily- let’s just say I’m fascinated by the legal profession as a whole. Growing up, every other kid wanted to be a doctor, an engineer or an accountant, I just has a special interest in law and I always wanted to be a lawyer.

Tairere: Alright Misthura, Our sources confirm that you are currently one of the best students in year three, (her CGPA is balling) is there a secret to that?
Misthura: Wow…  thanks. Well,  there is actually no secret,  let’s say one or two strategies – the God factor being the most important , devoting time to your studies  and reading smart. In addition to that, It’s important to be able to manage distractions and time management is something indispensable for every student.
(lol. Have you heard)


Tairere: Alright, Very good! Thumbs up! more grease to your elbow. On to the next question; Who are your best friends in the faculty?
Misthura: Gabriel Aliu, Eniola Fajimi,  Akinbode Mary, Wura Akinyelure,  Wole Ogundeko and Moni Ogunleye.


Tairere: So what exactly inspires you and are there any special people you look up too?
Misthura : Actually, my Mum is my greatest inspiration; she’s simply amazing. But yeah, I have like a long list of special people I look up to because basically,  I’m thrilled by the sight and sound of successful people from Barrack Obama, to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,  to our own Prof. Oyewo,  to Dr.  Elegbe-Williams, the Dean, Prof. Akin Ibidapo-Obe. Trust me the list is endless.
(her greatest inspiration is her mum, Isn’t that’s just sweet?)

Tairere: your Favourite Authors?
Misthura: uhm… Nora Roberts, John Grisham, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Femi Osofisan, Katherine Cookson and Gilbert Kodilinye.

Tairere: What’s your favourite course and who is your favourite lecturer so far?
Misthura: my favourite course is Environmental Law and my favourite lecturer so far is Dr. Odusote. I just love the way he lectures.


Tairere: Why environmental law?
Misthura: The subject matter; the ecosystem is something everyone can relate with and even though It’s a recent development in law, I consider it an eye-opener to issues like pollution of underground water,  the atmosphere. It also deals with issues that appear trivial though in the real sense and beyond all that triviality are disastrous.

Tairere: Quite an intelligent answer.(are we surprised) And she also cares about the environment! How Noble.

Tairere: Can u tell us about your relationship with your uncle?
Misthura: It’s more of father-daughter relationship. I do not even consider him to be my uncle, he’s been a father to me and did I mention he’s one of the people I look up to?

Tairere: Last but not least Misthura, do you have any words of inspiration or personal philosophies that keeps you going?
Misthura: Yeah… First is where there is no solution to a problem, create one. The next is that the kind of people you associate yourself with go a long way in determining who you are now and who you’ll be years to come. So Live, love,  pray and enjoy every bit of yourself and whatever it is you do. 
Tairere: Alright. Thanks for your time Misthura
Mie: you’re welcome Tairere and thanks for having me.

Interview By Toyosi Onikosi

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. Ore, pls, who exactly have you got beef for? Tairere or Misthura? This interview is superb compare to the previous ones where u ask who their crushes are and all dt irrelevant stuff.


  2. @ore it’s obvious that you’re either a slacker or you’re just allergic to inspiring people. Ask any year 3 student about this girl. The interview was a good one for a good student who has sense and needs inspiration. Obviously u don’t and that’s just sad.


  3. I think one has a right to call boring what one finds boring. Also, one may find so what one decides is boring to one. And the fact that everyone jumps to defend the accusation means they habour some fear somewhere deep down that it just really might be boring and are moving to defend so vehemently that we might not have a chance to discover that. In fact I do indeed find it boring. At best unremarkable


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