Naïve Nigerian Student believes Education should take precedence in Government’s Agenda

By Laolu Ganiy

Originally Posted On Arts and Africa


Lagos, Nigeria

Shocking news coming out of the community of Gbagada, Lagos State; where an otherwise brilliant teenage student, Ritshefemi Orubebe, today in an inter-school debate, expressed his stunted views on the issue that the government isn’t doing enough for the education sector and should make funding and educational reforms an absolute priority.

His Mortified classmates and teachers swiftly informed the appropriate authorities of the youngster’s treasonable act. Within minutes, Men of divisions the Nigerian Army swooped in with tanks and choppers with men of the Nigerian Navy coming in a few minutes later in a battleship which berthed at a nearby port.

The Offending student, who also doubles as the school’s Head Boy, was shrouded in a black body bag, bundled and booted into a burly “Black Maria”.

He has since expressed his regrets over his sardonic statements, renounced his position and wistfully signed various documents which include never setting foot on the school premises ever again and also never speaking of administrative issues even in his sleep.

Elder Oladele, a Startled Neighbour to the Orubebes and a Professor at the University of Lagos had this to say;

“Children of these days! He thinks the government’s main concern should be education? They just can’t get it into their green-horned heads that more pressing issues such as the pilfering and sharing of oil money among the administrative coterie are at stake?”

The visibly enraged Sexagenarian would go on,

“During our own days when the government paid too much attention to educating us, giving us free meals, doing our laundry, employing top grade (white) teachers and such, what did that lead to? Tell me!

“Coups and counter-coups and so many other garments of carnage! Or was it not the same efficient system that nurtured the war-mongering likes of Gowon, Adekunle ‘Black scorpion’, Obasanjo, Ojukwu, Danjuma amongst others? And Coup-conjuring Dimka, Abacha, Aguiyi-Ironsi, Danjuma?

“All these men who sent to further their studies in British, Russian and American universities and military academies when the government still foolishly sponsored such, what good did it do us?!

“Or shall we speak about Civilians, the likes of Danjuma (former military man), Demuren, Alamieyeseigha (former military man), Tinubu, Nzeribe, Babangida (former military man) et al, who all have aggressively pillaged the country, albeit tacitly, like no other! My point is these are men who received the best of education when it was still available in this country; yet what have they returned to us?

“But notwithstanding, I want to commend the penultimate military government and all our civilian administrators since 1999 CONTINUE READING

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