Dreams are Lies until Realized

By Naphtali Ukamwa

Man, by natural instinct, is a being with intentions, motives, motivations and motifs. In the process of trying to attain our motives we have to consciously put in place certain motifs for assuring the actualization and consummation of our dreams. But what then are dreams?

Dreams are imaginative abstractions and intangible conceptions of the human mind. Dreams are series of mental plans which we aspire to attain. It is synonymous to ambition, aspiration and desire. Dreams are formations of the human mind – they do not exist in reality. They are architectural plans of things immaterial, conceived by the mind which we seek to attain.

Dreams are lies until they are realized! Dreams are futuristic propositions, conceived by the mind – the pursuit of which we engage to realize them. Dreams in themselves are not end in themselves – they are means to a desired end. The end is the actualization of the dream.

What makes dreams realistic are motives and motifs. The motive is the intention. For instance, a person may have a motive of becoming a medical doctor, or even a mid wife. That is a dream. Dream is every where – anybody or even every body can dream. Certain people can actualize their dreams while others can not. Many have blamed their inability to actualize their dreams on environmental an circumstantial situations.

Motifs are designs or mechanisms by which we attain our dreams. One of the basic motifs for dream actualization is ACTION. The difference between success and failure is action – while the successful ones are active dreamers, the failures are passive dreamers.

If we must succeed, we must constantly have the picture of the future in mind. But what then is the future? The future is a state of “to be”. E.g to be a farmer. But right now I ‘m not one. When I finally became the farmer I dream to be then I have converted “to be” into “being”.

That which we desire “to be” is a state of future intention and not a state of present actualization. But if I must be a farmer, then I must orchestrate the process to attain it—that is the motif.

Motives are abortive unless there are efficient motifs. Motifs are active steps that transport us from the realm of imagination into the realm of actualization.

To attain our dreams we have to set the platform and hit the ground running. Dreams are lies until their realized – until we realize our dreams they seems like lies. In fact people around us may even make a mockery of us. To attain our dreams we have to put ourselves in motion; put our dreams in motion; and hit the ground running.

Another motif to attain our dreams is vision. Vision sets the guide – it shows the way. Vision is not the goal. Vision gives me an eye opening evaluation of my destination. I have to follow up the vision till I realize it.

Furthermore, making simple daily priorities is an effective motif for attaining dreams. What do I have to do today? Its a simple question many have continued to fail. To get the best of your day you have to outline the events of your day to occupy all the time – time for break, relaxation, study, etc must be carefully outlined. Otherwise we squander our day prodigally. You have to be smart with your daily priority.

Over and above all nothing gives realization to dreams than a purpose driven life. Your point of view can be totally abstract, vague and foolish to those around you. You can be the only one sharing your point of view. What matters is not whether people support your position. One man ;one vote – your vote is the only vote you need to succeed in life. Shakespeare said, “who feels it, knows it.” You know your dream – you feel it. Nobody can know your dream more than you.

To succeed, we must learn to make wise choices. We can not live our life to chances, when we can actually make deliberate choices. It is a fundamental choice to either pursue the realization of our dreams or fall on the altar of frustration.

All well said and done, to convert the “lies” of our mind into life realities, we must be ready to make giant strides. “Giant stride” is a question of personal definition. In its totality, it means taking routes which are less passed by. That is what the poet, Robert Frost called, “the road not taken”. We must dare the impossible – we must dare to make our own decisions irrespective of what the cost price is. We must know our goals and vision and stand by it, even if it means standing alone. Standing alone is a very brave thing to do!

Albert Einstein stood alone. In fact, his classmates and teacher saw him as an accursed. But today he has more inventions – because he dared to stand alone. To paraphrase what Dr. Oyedepo said: If you want to walk in life, then follow the crowd; if you want to run follow a few; but if you must fly, then fly alone. No aircraft tows another aircraft in the air.

This does not mean you are selfish – it does not mean you can not help others. Waiting for people who do no believe in your dream is a waste of time.

Do not misconstrue this to mean team work is bad. The point is that team work is absolutely a great thing to do. However, your life dream is not a thing you wait for people before you start acting. A sage said, you are the only constant person in your life adventure – you are 75% person responsible for your success. So you could have succeeded without the 25% contribution from others. Why blame others for your failure? To Henry Long Fellow, the height that a great man reached and kept is not by sudden flight; but he alone was busy toiling at night while his friends were sleeping.

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