Get Familiar – The Law Society Trust Fund

This Trust Fund is to serve as a pool of fund from which financial assistance will be made to needy final year students of the faculty towards the payment of the law school tuition of the said category of students.

This has become necessary in view of the amount of this tuition which is quite exorbitant. The committee intends to draw donations from philanthropists within the society and thereafter disburse to final year students who are in need of such financial assistance.
The Trust Fund is to be managed by a Board of Trustees, which comprises of reputable members of the University and the society at large. The Board, therefore, reserves the right to determine how the funds are disbursed.

Summarily, the trust fund will operate to award financial aid to final year law students who are qualified to proceed to the Nigerian Law School, on a need basis only.

Further Notice of the release of the forms will be communicated in due course

Victor Olaitan (07031987431)


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