Executives’ Lounge – Tobi “Tobolos” Olowokure

Adeboyin Adebisi sits with our Executive of the Week in our new segment, “Executives’ Lounge”. Enjoy!

From the Law class of ’17,a native of Osun state,tall,dark and handsome Oluwatobi ‘Tobolos’ Olowokure shares his experience as an executive in the Faculty of Law with Adebisi Adeboyin.

It is a nickname my friends have always called me since I was in JSS1 and it just stuck.

Who is Tobi?
Tobi is an un-orthodox individual,ambitious,hardworking,innovative and I have a cornucopia of facet to my cognition.

Current Role in the Faculty.
Currently, I am the Assistant Secretary General in the LSS and this means that I do most of the paper works together with the SG, Dara.
And in this administration we have been divided into certain programmes.I and Jide were in charge of the Law’s got talent and Quazim,Jide and I are in charge of the Lss Games.

Past Role in the Faculty.
I was the former Deputy Director of Programmes in Justice Oputa Chambers and a one time senator .

Election Blues.
During the election period, a lot of people told me that I was the favourite and we were at first ten people who were vying for the same position till we reduced to two.
But, naturally I am scared of people and I know that people won’t believe this,so it was really scary telling people and it took me a while to tell my friends.There was a day I was so scared that I thought I was going to loose, in fact there was an exam that I could not write anything for the first 10 minutes, because I kept staring at my opponent like this guy was going to beat me.
However, Bidemi Paramole the HOC of Oputa really motivated me,my friends also helped me to tell people and I made sure that my manifesto was good.

Motive for vying.
My aim was to do something where ever I find myself.When I was the DDOP of Oputa,my superior(Emmanuel Ibe) gave me room to express myself and it did not make sense for me to contest for the post of the DOP the following year.
However, people encouraged me(although I thought it was hard work),and my dad also, encouraged me.

Life as an executive in the Faculty.
The work load is overrated and it is not as tasking as people make it seem.People often glamourize and attach a lot of prestige to it,which often is not .
Also,people don’t appreciate the work done and there is a lot of emotional battles we go through as an exco,which affects our academics and relationship with people.
What keeps me going is MAHATMA GANDHI’S word, that the only way to find your self is to loose yourself in the service of others.

Challenges so far as an executive.
The challenge so far as an executive, is that in this current administration I don’t think that we have done 1/10th of what we are capable of doing and this is due to trivial squabbles among the exco’s team and this hurts me emotionally,especially because I had a lot of expectation and enthusiasm about being an exco.

Favourite moment as an executive.
My favourite moment as an exco is when people read my letter or proposal and are just in awe.Those moments make me happy and challenge me to do better.
Also, the meeting we had with Aluko and Oyebode.I really enjoyed it.

Balancing….(academics and being an exco).
I am still trying to find the balance.

Future political ambition.
I cann’t imagine myself not doing anything for a whole year and just focusing on my academics.Just one year in the lss and all I am thinking about is what I can do for the people.Anyways,I will be very active in the Faculty till I graduate.

How do you handle dis-satisfaction with other excos?
I believe in talking about it,so that it does not build up and explode into something we would not be able to control.

Advice to students who aspire to become excos in the Faculty.
It has to be something they really want because, a lot of hard work is required.
Also, you won’t be appreciated by a lot of people as they will criticise you and it must be something you can do and be accustomed to.

I like listening to music especially rap and eminem is my favourite artiste.Also,I like to play football and hang out with my friends.

Relationship status.

Crush in the Faculty.
Elizabeth Abubakar,miss UNILAG,Faith and Tunrayo.

Your view of this segment on the blog.
I believe it is very good that there is a segment for excos to be recognised and a lot of people don’t know their excos.

Last words.
I beleive that the LSS has a lot to offer the Faculty and we have not come anywhere close to our full potential of what we can do.Also, we need to come together to make this work.

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