Secret Diaries of a Perfect Law Student



July 13

Dear Davy Jones, school has started. Year five students be giving attitude like, ‘law school on my mind’. Lool. I have friends and they are counting costs. Law is very expensive and the most important thing is getting law school fees. And there are those who won’t be going with this set. I feel bad for Tobi and he is a cool guy oh.

July 14

I have a bad feeling about this week. Why must my life be dramatic? I really can’t deal. Guess who got the only A in land law? Dare. The fowl is feeling like a star. I should box his ears. We are cool now though. Even if we are going back to being close, it is gonna take time and I am not willing to try.

July 15

Dear Davy Jones, I am always correct. I saw Aunty titi at this ushering job I went for at Protea Hotel. My Bunkie invited me and I was bored. Yes, we are talking now o. Thank God, we were paid two k. But who cares? I am just praying that my parents don’t find out.

July 16

Home sweet home!!! Cleaning the house, in Donald’s room at the moment. Except I don’t like what I am seeing one bit. A pack of condoms – opened. I cried . God, my brother is just sixteen. He is a baby.

After the cleaning, I call him into his room. If he noticed my red eyes, he didn’t say anything. I hate this. Each time I try to talk, my voice cracks and I just keep shaking my head. I need to get my shit together. ‘Donald, what is going on?’ He looks like I am speaking gibberish. I clear my throat. ‘How is phinuella? You guys are doing okay?’ He nods. ‘You want to talk about anything?’ He shakes his head. I take a deep breath. Mayen, don’t fcuk this up. Calm down. Be calm. I walk to the laundry basket and pick up the only pair of jeans in it. With my index finger and thumb, I pull out the pack of condoms and hold it up for him to see. ‘What is this, Donald?’ He looks away and mumbles something like, ‘you know what it is’. ‘Don’t tempt me. Explain what these are for? Are you having sex?’ He goes to sit on the bed. Before I know it, I am weeping. ‘Donald, you are just sixteen’. Why does it hurt so much? I look at my brother and I dunno if it is really him. Is this what growing up is like? I thought I was showing him the right path. Did I encourage him by playing cupid? I have failed. I feel like beating the hell out of him, but my parents must not know. I will be the one to blame. I am kneeling on the floor, I didn’t even realize I was. ‘You are too young for this nonsense. You have to think about the future.’ I throw the condom at him. ‘Get rid of it.’

July 17

Happy Eid Mubarak. I have been on autopilot since yesterday. God! Just protect my brother for me. I cried my self to sleep. It is gonna be a looong weekend.

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