Cutting Across – Relation of History Particles to World Issues

By Bello Oreoluwa

Burston referred to history as a branch of sociology that illustrates general laws governing the behaviour of society and every society has some characteristics that have manifested in its history with time thus,the search for the causes of these characteristics is the chief preoccupation of every thoughtful historian .
History as a body of knowledge encompasses not only the events of the past but also of their consequences . Generally,historians are no longer satisfied with the simple discovery of the past ;they aspire of course ,not only to say what happened but also to show why and how it happened .We all thus ,can sensibly point out that even in Nigeria ,history had determined the structure of our present problems as a federating federation.
Herbert Spencer the social theorist claimed ,’the history of the world is a biography of great men’.That would have been succinct if not in this contemporary world. So many particles of historical events have moved history relations from being mono centric to multicentric.
We then ask the rhetorical ,’what would the world look like if all that happened within it had not happened’.Human species have spent billions and billions of years on this crust and there has been only one thing man has not been able to control or fully master through the course of time like matter and that is the trend of history.
In this context , we have witnessed on a wide scale ,world history and its intricacies on religion.The birth origin of the ancient tribes the Jews and the Arabs has its link with current quandaries of the world .We learn that the children of Ishmael the older son of Abraham whom the religious books refer to as father of all nations ,have with them sworn affidavits of enmity against the children of Israel the residue of which we now experience in the Israel -palestine conflict.The children of these two children of Abraham have divided and multiplied ,forming the foundations of some of the terror stricken countries we now see ;Yemen ,Afghanistan,Iran,Syria, and among others of abramic origin the world.Majority of these countries are referred to in the Islamic History in the siratul ‘Rasuls (saw)constituted the Arabic peninsula who were in the pre islamic period of jahilliyah ,constantly fighting with bitterness and fierce struggle for survival.
History taught,the bellicose nature of the Arabs and the admixture of their personality traits with religion beliefs is the result of the fanatism ,the horror of which the world is stricken in these bloody times.
By the nature of man deviations erupted in Islam after the prophet’s death,after Jesus died we’ve experienced In large scale varieties of christianism: penticostalism(the my God is not a poor guys),catholicism,Celestials church of christ,.We now know of the Shiites and the suffists,and recently the denounced ISIS who have outrightly embraced violence.Some terrorist acts are religious aggressive attacks,we recount car bombings,suicidal bombingsand dull blown international terrorism-september 11 still looms by.Three acts have their roots deep in the history of these countries ,ranging from their personality traits,societal mores,idiosyncratic malevolence and others.
Whatever the definition an international diplomat can give for the holocaust.We know Hitler ordered the death of six millions Jews .Reports have linked Hitlers upbringing by a harsh father ,rough life experiences including the event of his mother’s death where he had his sophist hatred for Jewry .We learn from Hayford Taylor’s Hitler’s Secret Book,how Hitlers conviction of the history of his people had him decide England would be a natural ally and the French will not necessarily be ,and that the Jews are a natural enemy;his murderous acts led to the rise of world Zionism against the ‘ethnic cleansing ‘the German carried out against the jewry there this led to the birth of Israel in the 90s,this further led to the fortification of Israel by super powers like the US and her subsequent emergence as a nuclear super power in the East.
The current events,violence,we now experience in the world are by no means a coincidence as the civilization of Babylon or Egypt was not.The cultures of these countries gave the ambition of others.As cultural diffusionism would have it the three cultural origin theories are three,the Austrian who accept Rome as the cultural home of the world,the British believed Egypt was the cradle of world civilization and the Americanists who identified that any element of history we now espy are from an existing cultural centre and every society can combine elements of various cultures and history as far as modernity and globilisation can permit.
What we see are handiwork of history on every single thing happening in the world in this age of information;in fashion,medieval designs are fast reviving,in politics nations still take big decisions based on what experience have taught them on yesterdays decision.-orebello

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