Extraordinarily Short Stories


Philomena walked to the neighbouring bedroom in expectation. Her aunt Ifesinachi was leaving and as auntie Ifesinachi had in times before been extremely generous, she wanted to make herself very visible.
Aunt Ifesinachi looked frazzled. She wanted to bathe, her baby was fussing and their backyard neighbours had started their Fajr prayer. She thrust the baby at Philomena with an apologetic smile and ran to bathe. Her flight was in an hour and a half.
The baby cried and fussed so much and Philomena laughed multiple times at the face the boy made before he erupted in a full blown wail. Aunt Philomena was taking a long time bathing so Philomena flopped onto the bed holding loosely to the baby.
Before she knew it, she had drifted off until she was woken up by a loud thud. She jumped up quickly in time to see the shocked look on Auntie’s…

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