Beauty of the Week – Sotonwa Temi Precious

Interview by Great Opara


The date is sunday 26th July, 2015. The time is 9pm. It’s dark and chilly, and I’m sitting outside one of the seven female hostels in the University of Lagos. But (thankfully) I am not alone. Sitting beside me on the cold, dirty cemented platform is Sotonwa Temi Precious, 200lvl law (class of 18) and my Beauty Of The Week 😀
Now, before you begin to get any funny ideas, I assure you that despite the timing and location of this interview, none of my professional journalistic ethics (grammar!) were compromised, but due to uncontrollable (and unexlplainable) circumstances, the “happenings happened as they happened”, “the occurrences occurred”, and “the proceedings proceeded”. You shaa get the gist.
Now back to Temi. AH!  Temi is fine. Temi is cute. Temi is pretty. Temi is lovable. Temi is beautiful. Temi is…
*sigh* I have been hit by what the Italians call “the Thunderbolt”.
She hails from Ogun state but lives and completed her primary and secondary education in Abuja, before she decided to show face (surface) in Unilag and break all our heads and hearts. Her last name, “Sotonwa” is a mystery, she’s not sure but she thinks it means “deceiving wizard” (ok, yeah. That part scared me).
Temi is “unfortunately” the first child (her own words o) in a family of six and she says: “everything falls on you, and the expectations are too much to deal with”. When asked about her closest friends in the faculty, she thought for a while, gave me some names, argued with me over the names, changed same names and finally after much persuasion, I agreed to scrap the names entirely from the interview. Needless to say, she hates disappointing people.
sotonwa2 Temi has dated in the past, she is currently single and NOT searching (sorry guys) and although she has a crush, she refused to disclose his identity.
This girl is psychotically organised, the kind of person that’ll meticulously plan your murder. From her daily activities to the folders on her phone, it’s all planned to the last detail. She likes to watch movies and play games, All games, except football cos she feels it’s too hard. She hates being interviewed cos she hates the spotlight. Temi also does not think of herself as a snob, just a very private person going through the motions of life and its forced interactions (again, her words, stylishly crafted by me)
She does not like food, or makeup, or sports. No really, she doesn’t like food, it’s not a joking sturrvs guys. Temi wants to be a Lawyer cos she considers herself a passionate activist against injustice and her role model is her late grandmother (didn’t say why). If not Law, she would be studying Mathematics (biggest contrast I have Ever seen). Her hobbies include reading and taking Selfies, selfies o not Pictures.

Her favourite colour is “Turquoise” (mtcheeew), she prefers Snapchat to Instagram, she is very stubborn and highly opinionated. Temi cannot speak her native language or pidgin english (we actually have a hilarious video of her trying, just visit our instagram page LOL). Her favourite lecturer is Professor Oyewo whom she calls “bae”, and her fave course is Cons Law.
She likes “fine, tall, smart guys”. And her most embarrassing moment in life happens to be this particular interview. Hehehe! When asked about the “fineness level” of her interviewer, she gave me a solid 7/10 (we really can’t blame her, it was quite dark so she probably couldn’t see my face well).
All in all, the interview was extremely fun. Temi is naturally quiet, shy et all but due to our own natural charm *wink* we were all able to let go of our inhibitions, Together. Fun times. Me, I shaa enjoyed myself, and I hope you guys do too. Err…Dassall.
I remain Great Opara.

Great Opara is a 200 Level Law Student.

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