Joy – by Tobi Adebanjo

Remember in secondary school, when our English teachers would come to class, dressed in the usual manner of the non-existent Association of Ridiculously Dressed English Teachers (A.R.D.E.T.), with the belt of their trousers touching their bellies and with their annoying heels announcing their presence. I was excellent in English, I was always the English teachers’ pet, but I won’t lie, I did not like them, any of them.
But there was something I did learn about in English class other than the meaning of a noun, I learned the dynamism of the English Language, and I learned that every part of speech, every topic, and every morpheme is its own web of confusion. I learned why I’m too lazy to learn foreign languages (my friends know how lazy I am). The intricacies, the technicalities, the rules and their exceptions, it is all an art on its own.
Take for instance; why is it possible that one can be overjoyed but one cannot be joyed? And one cannot be underjoyed? Or does the addition of “over” not merely show the degree to my level of joy? So then if I was not joyed to the degree that I would be overjoyed, then why can I not simply say “I was joyed”?
Underjoyment aside how can we enjoy what others cannot disenjoy, I suggest that “joyed”, if not already, should be a new entry in the universal dictionary if there be any, that we may say “I was joyed, overjoyed in fact.” And then we may say, “Though I was joyed by the fact that “Joyed” has now been declared an actual word, I was underjoyed to discover that no one actually wanted to use the word joyed for fear that they were still wrong.” After all, one can be pained, why can one not be joyed?

By Tobi Adebanjo

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