State of the Faculty – S4 Episodes 1 & 2

Welcome back to school guys. Hope y’all had lovely holidays. Mine was boring so I’m really excited to be back to school. This is the second semester, that is, the short semester filled with so many activities you can get distracted. But I’m sure you know better. Ah yes! The semester of the grand “Law Dinner“. I’m sure you can’t wait.

Lets have a run down of what happened over the last two weeks:

Results were released and well, not everyone was smiling. Some courses had over a hundred people carrying over (asin…how far law na?) Anyways, for the first time in 7 years, someone (Bidemi) got an A in Land law (FINALLY!).

All chambers and associations have had their first meetings for the semester and they have taken off strong (no time to waste time)..

There was a sports week media conference and unveiling of trophies. This year’s trophies are wayyy better than the pangolo we used last year. Thumbs up

Course Advisers’ Week has begun and will end on Tuesday, please don’t wait till the deadline to do the needful

LSS Expenses were pasted on the notice board. Some people believe it is to prove transparency and others, not so much. Anyhow sha, the monies have been accounted for.

Final year project deadline is now the 14th of this month and their exam dates have been moved up. Heard they now have each course three times a week including Saturdays (Eeya)

LSS Sports Week is set to begin next week. Will the final year guys take the trophy to law school, the “we are nobody” freshers or another level. Turn up at sports center for the interesting games. #DoYouDare

There shall be a stakeholders forum sometime next week.


Law Ladies Bespoke

Chamber annual lectures

Oil & Gas bar dinner

Tax Debate

Law Dinner

That’s all for now guys. Till next week. Hoping you have a happy new month.


HaliArt ❤

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