Stunner of the Week – Deola Jaiyesimi

Interview by Jesyca Tolu Durotinu

So in our quest for a stunner, we found out we are yet to interview our very own. Trust me, you ain’t as appalled as we were.

He’s of the class of ’16 our former sports secretary who was liaison officer of the prestigious Taslim Elias student’s chamber. Our very own Jaiyesimi Adeola Ahmed fondly called ‘Jaiye’.

Deola is from a family of two and is the last born. He is a Muslim. He hails from Ogun state. Deola is an August born precisely the 16th day (he expects gifts).

His hobbies are; Football, basketball, video games(FIFA especially) and SLEEPING!!! He likes: Food, girls and free wifi (Yes! He is one of those) and dislikes: Introverts, cricket, Justin Bieber and chest hair.

Oh well! Good news for the ladies in here, our stunner is very single. When asked his reasons, ‘ Lool. I’m in my baby boy phase but I’m open to being in a relationship’ (change his relationship status). However, marriage is not on the card for him for another eight years.

I definitely asked him if he had a crush or crushes and he said ‘ Im sure my crushes would like their privacy. However, there is one special crush in year 3( he refused to drop a name).

He loves Pounded yam and efo or egusi with goat meat.

His most memorable moment was when he visited Emirates stadium. His most embarrassing moment was when ‘I peed on myself infront of my classmates as. I was being flogged’ Lmfao.

His favourite course is criminal law and favourite lecturer is Dr Oni .

His best buds in the faculty are; Jide Williams, Tobi Alebiosu, Kanyinsola Ojeshina and Faith Onimiya. I asked as regards the rumors going round that his relationship with Pryce Williams (Jide) strained when Jide chose to run for social secretary a position Deola was supposedly vying for. He said; ‘ Lol. Our relationship didn’t strain. We just matured. He has his thing and I have mine but we are still as close as ever’.

His role model is his dad Oladele Jaiyesimi. His best first experience at anything is riding a rollercoaster.

Well our stunner has been quite a ‘romantist’ (if that word exists). His most romantic gesture was ‘ I sang/rapped for a girl I liked In front of my secondary school classmates’. Despite his romanticism, he also has been a prey to awkward moments for this reason, ‘ My most awkward moment was when I was getting “comfortable” with a girl and her dad was watching’ (Lool. I’m hurt on her behalf).

I asked Deola to describe himself in as many adjectives as possible, ‘ Confident, self -assured, witty, comical, laid-back and well-spoken. I’m moist. A romantic. Most people think I’m cold-hearted’ (he definitely doesn’t act moist or romantic but then…..)

Down to the question we ask all law students. Why law? ‘It came naturally. I’m from a family of lawyers. It was expected’

Deola is of the opinion that the blog is really cool. It gives law students a platform to explore their creative side

He signs out with this statement ‘ Stay true to yourself. You owe nobody an explanation for that’

That’s it for this week guys, do follow us on instagram @thelssblog we definitely follow back.

Jesyca Durotinu.

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