By Naphtali Ukamwa

There are three mental traits that every man must strive to overcome.

First, putting off decisions and actions until a later period. Indecision is frustrating. It brings crisis in life. Most times people are full with the enthusiasm for their study and profession only to tell themselves ” I’ll do this tomorrow”. The moment you say that you are defeated.
The secret of winning is action.

A second enemy is mental laziness. This is wide spread. It is the line of least resistance and can be cured only by the sternest methods. The You that is in you is the real master of your mental processes. The You that is in you is the real person the world is seeking. You must so honour that You that you give him its place of authority over your faculties. You need to drive your mind to work. You must absolutely refuse to rest until you have accomplished the desired amount of work. You must be absolute master of yourself, of your faculties, for your mind will always be lazy until interest has been created. Then it flows on smoothly.

A third enemy is wrong talking, negative talking. I knew a man who started in business with all promise of success. He had the right location. He had the right kind of business. He had multitude of friends. He was a good buyer and good sales man. I went into his store almost every morning. I used to admire his store. It was so clean and carefully managed. He began to talk discouragingly. In two years that man talked himself out of a splendid, growing business. I didn’t know then what I know now, I would have stopped him. He simply talked himself out and discouraged people who came in. He was full of pessimism and doubts. He challenged everything positive. Finally he talked himself into failure. You cannot afford to talk failure, doubt or fear. Because words register in your heart and after they have registered, they take control of your life

Naphtali Ukamwa is a 200 Level Law Student.

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