According to historians and scholars, the Second World War is by far the most destructive war mankind has ever faced. War has been noted to be somatic violence between organized armed forces of states. Wars usually arise from unresolved conflicts due to differing views and opinions. Diplomacy has likewise been noted to be the most effective mode of ending the prevalent violent conflicts that permeates the society. A deep understanding of the nature of conflict, its causes and resulting effects is key to the development of humankind.


Mediation Dialogue Institute, USA and AIESEC are organizations that were established to develop individuals personally and professionally to a point where they possess a deep understanding of the nature of humankind. This process of development also ensures they become global citizens not restricted and not discriminating towards race, religion, creed, sexual orientation or any of the classes that divides humankind.
Mediation Dialogue Institute, USA was founded on the idea that students of all ages, from all backgrounds across the globe should have access to higher education with an aim of developing individuals so that they can enhance the level of productivity within their lives, organizations and to take leadership roles. It was also developed to provide Mediation Education to individuals who seek professional advancement in Mediation. The Institute organizes topnotch certified international trainings at various stages to equip individuals with professional skills in Conflict Analysis, Conflict Management, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Mediation Dialogue Institute, USA is a member of the National Association of Certified Mediators (NACM).
AIESEC, the largest youth run, not for profit organization was established in 1948 after the Second World War to make an inquiry into the nature of the causes of the most destructive war in mankind’s history. It was discovered that the misunderstanding of the differing nature and psychological traits of humans. 65 years down the line, AIESEC has through international exchange in over 126 countries developed leaders with premium understanding of the differing cultures and race. This has led to developing global citizens not bound by race, religion, social standing, among others.
The Conflict Analysis and Management Training, an initiative of MEDIATION DIALOGUE INSTITUTE, USA in partnership with AIESEC in Lagos, is a certified international training that brings together years of elite experience of two top international organizations.
The action packed Conflict Resolution Training Program is one with proven strategies and teaching techniques to teach you to:

Build a successful business
Become effective in managing differences at home, family, community and workplace
Gain confidence as a critical thinker
Understand the impact of your image on your profession.

Among other things to be learnt….
The training is open to individual from diverse walks of life who are interested in balancing and developing their personal and professional lives. All professionals and individuals seeking to advance their knowledge in peacekeeping, attorneys, school and government administrators, business managers, communicators, coaches, community leaders, HR and medical/medical health workers, teachers, students, parents, customer service professionals, IT professionals, Project Managers, Clergymen, Nurses, CEOs, COOs, and Captains of Industries and all seeking to advance their ADR skills to become CERTIFIED MEDIATORS are welcome to enroll for this training.

The training is slated to hold at the ARTHUR MBANEFO DIGITAL RESEARCH CENTRE (, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Benefits to be gained from participating in the Conflict Analysis and Management Training:
Certified mediation certificate from the USA(become a certified mediator and use your certificate anywhere in the world)
Master new workable concepts
Understanding lasting and effective ways to transform your workplace and your lifestyle
Expand your global talents
Potentials for internships abroad
Possibility of court observation in the USA
Get CEUs and CLE credits for your professional advancement
Encourage out of the box thinking
Helps you identify the choices that drive success or failure
Helps you learn to manage your emotion and environment effectively
Helps you learn relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness
Learn effective facilitating skills.
The introductory Conflict Analysis and Management Training slated to hold from the 7th of September to the 11th of September, 2015 provides a platform to get professional advancement through five days of intensive, extensive, interactive role-play activities that will demonstrate skills and knowledge in all required subject areas, followed by the executive program; that centers on peace, reconciliation and conflict. Upon completion of this program, you would be knowledgeable in:
Negotiation and mediation principles
The power of collaboration
Conflict theory and conflict dynamics
Effective communication that give results
Dispute resolution systems
Ethics and conflict management
Community and business conflict
Family and divorce mediation
Basic and advance mediation
Leadership and critical thinking- that would enable you work for the court or have your own private practice
Peer support evaluation.

Teaching Model: adult education model, participation, role play, interaction and life sample application, follow-up planning.

Complete a registration form and proceed to make payments;
Program fee: US $800 (Payment before August 14th, 2015)
US $1000 (Payment after August 14th, 2015)
*Including Training Materials, tea, breakfast & lunch, certificate, but not graduation gowns.

For more information about Mediation Dialogue Institute, USA and AIESEC in Lagos, visit:
facebook page: mediation dialogue institute

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