Pair of the Week – Rolake and Yemi (Rolomi)



Love is the master key that opens the gates to happiness” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Happiness means many different things to many different people. While for most of us, happiness is having really full pockets and plenty to spend on whatever, I know a friend whose happiness can be defined simply by having a few drinks and maybe a few puffs.
Not many things are better than finding what really makes you happy. Sir Oliver Holmes describes Love as the master key to happiness, an assertion that I cannot disagree with (for obvious reasons) and I have proof. However, since I clearly cannot be a judge in my own court as the latin maxim, nemo judex incasua sua suggests, I brought along some non-me related evidence.
Step forward, SPECIMEN A, Morolake Adesina and Abayomi Ogundare of the Law Class of 17, our LSS Pair, the very first since the famous Ajalapo (Ajaja & Dolapo).
It’s not news that we’ve been short on beautiful couples in the faculty (pls Law students toast yourselves). It’s either the pretty girl isn’t saying Yes to the boy because she has her eye on some engineering guy who she thinks is a lot more good-looking t all the boys in the faculty (this is a lie), or the guy is going after a girl from the Faculty of Arts because he thinks she won’t be spending all her hours in the Library (this is also a lie).
Rolake and Yomi are a couple after my own heart. They do everything together, they are super smart and of course, they are good-looking (I really don’t care about Yomi yunno). They read together, confide in each other, they have each other’s backs and they pray together (beautiful right?) .Luckily, I’ve known this couple for a while now, as a matter of fact, Yomi, at one point thought I had something for his princess (I think that’s cute really).
We had a few issues picking a spot for our interview, starting off in the M.I.L.D classroom before moving to the Lounge. Clearly, I was the only one worried about where the interview held as the pair just managed to have so much fun wherever we sat. From Rolake laughing at Yomi’s timidity when he didn’t want to reveal really beautiful information to Yomi teasing Rolake about something she did in the past. As an admirer and friend of the pair, it didn’t take too long before I joined in the fun.
Bubbly people, Smiles everywhere, Happy Hearts, Love in the air….
Love really is the master key that opens the gates to happiness.IMG-20150713-WA001
Rolake and Yomi happened to be classmates since they were in the same Law Foundation class back in 2012. However, the pair revealed that they met through a mutual friend, Olande .(God bless her soul). Rolake said she had heard so much about Yomi. According to her, Olande described him as a perfect angel and Rolake wasn’t having any of it as she didn’t believe anyone could be that good. Yomi on the other hand, was indifferent about Rolake. It wasn’t too hard for them to recall their first conversation, that fateful Sunday morning when it all went down. Yomi revealed that meeting Rolake that Sunday morning wasn’t so much of a big deal as he greeted her casually and went about his business normally. Rolake, on the other hand made sure she dismissed the perfect angel tag.
Rolake particularly seemed really happy about the trip down memory lane and she was clearly enjoying every minute of it. Rolake being a mistress of mischief, revealed that she always antagonized Yomi and had something against his walking steps saying it was a sign that he was proud and unapproachable.
They eventually became friends and the Hello-Hi thing clearly wasn’t working for them anymore. Yomi admitted to admiring his friend’s qualities at that time. He described Rolake as meek, nice and understanding and all these attributes led Yomi to become very open with Rolake. They were able to talk about anything, as long as it mattered. Their purely platonic relationship was destined to evolve if you ask me, and in no time, they became each other’s confidants. Yomi disclosed that he always thought she was a nice person, but, Rolake didn’t hide the interesting fact that Yomi had denied liking her earlier because he saw her as a drama queen. They edged closer and closer to what they are now as the bond between them grew and this was evident in the fact that they started completing each other’s sentences, now, they don’t just complete each other’s sentences, they complete each other’s being.


Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

At this point, I felt really sad for Yomi, Rolake actually caught feelings for the boy and kept it to herself. Our drama queen revealed that she …started liking him for no good reason. She called it an evil feeling she tried hard to suppress but clearly all attempts to do that failed. Yomi, on the other hand didn’t notice and Rolake said she was surprised especially as Yomi is someone who would normally take notice of even the slightest detail. The God that Rolake my sweetie pie serves didn’t forsake her, Yomi too caught feelings, in Yomi’s words, “it just happened”. It took Yomi a while to make his move, but once he spoke to a friend who encouraged him to go ahead, He eventually did and not only did Rolake not give him the answer he wanted, she laughed. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, this happened four times before she eventually agreed to go out on a date with him.


Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses” – Ann Landers

Yomi’s most memorable moment according to him was their first date. He couldn’t stop emphasizing on how much effort he put into making everything work, how he brought his A-game and somehow managed to put his feelings into words as he looked his beautiful date right in the eye. In one word, it was magical.
Rolake on the other hand gave me proof of how amazing Yomi has been as a boyfriend so far as she took so long in picking a memorable moment, she eventually decided on the time when Yomi delivered a piece he wrote for her, basically a memoir of their relationship taking her down memory lane and saving up all the beautiful moments. Rolake admitted to having teary eyes and Yomi of course was overjoyed by her reaction.
“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life” – Leo Buscaglia
Like every other couple, Rolake and Yomi have had their DOWNS and the most significant of them came up at the beginning of the session. The couple didn’t disclose too much but we eventually agreed that it was like running in a circle, away from love, and the end result was running right back into it.
When asked about their likes and dislikes, the couple came up a rather unanimous answer and I think that just makes them really beautiful. They both dislike dishonest people, proud people. They also like to study (they used to study together back then, remember?). Yomi likes to dance and Rolake is an actress (watch out…)
“Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration” – D. H. Lawrence
Our parents always warned us about getting into relationships saying that it was bad for our academic life. I couldn’t resist the temptation to ask the beautiful pair how they handled mixing a flourishing love life with all the workload the faculty heaps on us. Yomi answered on behalf of his beautiful girlfriend and said that they never forget that their primary reason for getting into University is to get a degree and not to find a life partner. However the couple asides being partners in love are also study partners and they obviously help each other out.
Gossip spreads like wildfire. Everybody seems to have an opinion on almost every subject that exists on the face of the earth and apparently our faculty of law folk and UNILAG folk in general haven’t left Rolake and Yomi out of stuff they give opinions on. The couple revealed to me that sometime earlier this year, at the beginning of the academic session, they had rumors of a break-up between them going round when in fact they were still together.
Relationships, Relationships, Relationships, Im pretty sure Im not the only one who wants to hear wedding bells ring and later on the cries of little kids. I am already super-excited about this paor and I was planning to launch my career as a professional MC at their union until they broke my heart and told me about their 10 year plan, honestly, I think it’s a lot of time. Surprisingly, Rolake isn’t interested in marriage, according to Yomi and they are giving themselves 10 years to see where the wind blows them. Apparently, if they are still this way after 10 years, we can now start talking about how well rechristen the both of them Baba and Iya Ibeji. They are both willing to go all the way though, they are just allowing the wind do the pushing though.

Today marks this couple’s first-year anniversary. Honestly, am sure I am not the only one who thinks they’ve been together for longer than a year, however, they only got into the relationship formally on the 10th of August, 2014. When asked to give us their parting words, they had the following to say:
Yomi: The biggest stumbling block couples face is unmet expectations-career, future etc. The more a couple discuss their expectations in any aspect, the better they predict what their differences and will enable them deal with it objectively.

Rolake: Show respect to each other. Be supportive and work together as a team. Enjoy quality time together but allow each other the independence to do your own thing and pursue personal interests.

The Pair: Live a positive life….Its contagious. Have a sense of humour,respect each other, learn to communicate well and remember the beginning of your love story.

Happy Anniversary Guys! God Bless You!

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