State of the Faculty – S4 E2

Hello beautiful people.

Here’s a run down of what happened over last week:

The broadsheet for every level was pasted -Drafts 1 and 2. So if you still have result issues, go to the faculty authorities.
Laws school list has been released.

AMLAS years edition of the female only event Scarf Face.

Opening Ceremony of the of the LSS Sports Week went down. Yr3 beat Yr5, 2-1 and Yr2 beat Yr4, 1-0. (there’s definitely no seniority on the field). The sports festival continues this week with the closing ceremony scheduled for Friday.

LSS Elections are scheduled to hold in mid-September. This one promises to be hotter than the previous years. Notice all the under-g campaigns going on.

Final year students now have courses three times a week and even on Saturdays. Despite this, the Class of ’15 is going to have a Costume Barbecue party, traditional day, lavish dinner and after party on a (wait for it……. they don’t dull) ………………YATCH! (I am going to miss them too much)

Tax TV be showing beautiful pictures of almost all the girls in the faculty.👸


Law Ladies Bespoke

Chamber annual lectures

Oil & Gas bar dinner

Tax Debate

Law Dinner

Till next week. Hope y’all have a lovely week ahead.



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