Beauty of the Week – Motunrayo Ope-Ogunseitan (MVP)

Interview By Hossana William and Great Opara


Hello! Faithful followers of the famed faculty blog, full of fascinating features for your… (I am looking for another ‘F’ word to continue the alliteration…ugh, I didn’t find any) enjoyment. This week on our column, beauty of the week(which you stalkers, male…and female alike, love to follow), we have an important person, probably because she’s our faculty’s first female, and a personal favourite friend of mine (again with the F’s…hehe). Yes, your guess is right, she is none other than our own MVP, vice president of the LSS and incredibly beautiful young woman, Ope-Ogunseitan Motunrayo Michelle! (I know, you didn’t know she had Michelle in her name abi, well neither did I). I was given the opportunity…and task of being her interviewer, job which I got done with the help of my Great friend and colleague… (oh, you were waiting for his name? That’s it, Great, his name is Great). And since she is special like that, Tobolos was also in attendance at our interview session (abi I should just call it a forum). And so, here is a little more than you had previously known about our fine vice president. . . We’re not very conventional, and so off the bat Me: Michelle, how many children do you want to have when you get married, if you plan to get married that is? (Great asked how many children she already had, SMH)

Tunrayo: Are you serious? Me: Yes Tunrayo: Well, I’m not yet married, so I don’t have any children, but I want to have three, maximum four. We asked her by what age she would want to be married and she said 24, max 26. May Falz and Yemi Alade’s song not apply to you, Amen. Tunrayo doesn’t want to be a house wife, or an office wife either. She believes in balance, and her inherent ability to multitask.

Me: Okay Tunrayo, what is beauty, to you? Tunrayo: Well, I see beauty as being beyond the physical… Me: (Yimu) …but you know we’re interviewing you for physical reasons right, not spiritual… Tunrayo: Hahaha…well, beauty emanates from the inside. There is something a person may, posses, which you may not be able to place your finger on, but when you talk to and relate with the person, you just find yourself attracted to them, that is beauty. She prioritises intelligence over physical attributes.

Me: We didn’t sha choose you because you’re intelligent. On a scale of 1 to 10, how beautiful do you think you are? Without being modest…Great: or biased Tunrayo: (batting her lashes and flicking her hands) well I’m fearfully and wonderfully made so I’m a solid 10/10. Rumour has it that she has received advances from very important people such as senators. She said that she thanks God for it, but since she can’t put it on her CV, she does not consider it an achievement. (Don’t mind her, forming modest) When asked the secret behind her lovability, she said there is the God factor(plus she’s fine), and then that she is a hard working and passionate person( and fine).


She's got talent too
She’s got talent too

Me: So tell us, what is your recipe? How do you maintain your pretty face? Tunrayo: Uhm…I have my bath… Me: Haha, okay… (so those of you who haven’t been regular in the bathroom, learn now. In fact, if you haven’t had your bath today, stop reading this interview and get under the shower) Tunrayo: …and I use a good body cream, when I can afford it… We asked her for the name and she was nice enough to share it with us. Maikari, that’s it (oya, girls, start going to Yem-Yem)

Me: Single or dating? Tunrayo: Sorry? Great: Ah ah, it’s just one question. Tunrayo: uuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm… Tunrayo: eeeeeehhhhhhmmmmmmmm… Tunrayo: …………………………………………..

At this point, we’re wondering why VP has so much trouble giving an easy ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘it’s complicated’ answer. Maybe she’s a bit shy, I ask Tobolos and Great to excuse us.

Tunrayo: Well……………… Then she diplomatically changed it for us Tunrayo: Of course I’m not single, I mean I have a lot of amazing friends, male and female alike… Great: Politician! Chai! I wouldn’t let her off easy, but you have to hand it to her. With the way she weaved the question, I decided to let it slide. We asked her who her crush was Tunrayo: I have a lot of people that I admire… intelligent people, Tofola, Timi Oyewo, Tobolos (the boy started blushing when they said his name)…yeah, and so on… We learnt that VP knows how to evade questions she doesn’t want to answer What she likes in a guy. He has to be God fearing, hardworking, and should respect girls. She hates lousy guys, guys who dress like kids (those who sag) and guys who make a lot of noise over nothing.

On a typical Law Day
On a typical Law Day

Me: By the way, how was land law? Tunrayo: Oh land law was very amazing for me, we give God the glory. We asked how the office of the vice president has been. Challenging, great, inspiring, and ultimately, she is thankful. A few of the challenges she has faced are organizing tutorials and putting ladies day together. The former has gone smoothly and she promised something amazing on the 28th of august so we’re looking forward to ladies day. She has interests that change from time to time. Back when she was in diploma, her interest was working (I know right), she used to intern all over the place but now, since she will soon graduate, she wants to focus on having fun (responsible fun, she added). How she does this, hang out with her friends. We asked her to define responsible fun and she let us know it means having fun with no regrets afterwards.

Me: Beat your chest, what are you good at? Tunrayo: I can multitask, I can get things done, I am not afraid to talk to anybody, I can follow up on any set goal.

She added that there are limits to how far she can go to get what she wants but she is very good at achieving her objectives without crossing those limits. The nicest thing she has been told recently was from Ikanniwa Soyinka, who told her that she admired her efficiency at handling stress and keeping a pleasant demeanor regardless of how frustrating a challenge may be. She is not a feminist at heart. The moments she’s most proud of are when she won the vice presidency election, when she got the jobs she applied for and the most recent one is getting to work with the New York Film Academy in Nigeria. Her favourite artiste is Simi (so do not ask her any jamb question). Her favourite lecturer is Dr. Jumoke Oduwole and her role model is Dr. Jumoke Oduwole. We have a new custom of asking how fine our beauties think their interviewers are so I asked…

Beauty. ...
Beauty. …

Me: How fine is your interviewer. Tunrayo: Well my interviewer is a fine young man with nice beards (whoop whoop) Great: Give a grade over ten, and know that he will add one to whatever grade you give… Tunrayo: See how you’re anticipating. Okay, I’ll give you a 7. (Plus one, that’s eight, so I have an A. Thank you Tunrayo)

Me: What is your dream car? At this point, she turned to Tobolos to ask him what the name of one car that she had shown him, which she liked was. Tobolos: A Bentley GT Continental Tunrayo: Yes, that one. So guys, you wanna find your way into her good books, bring the Bentley. Her Instagram handle is @__tunrayo (double underscore tunrayo) She confessed that the curvy statue in front of the faculty makes her feel inadequate. (LOL so much for being beauty of the week.)

Yes, that's her dream car.... No be Toyota
Yes, that’s her dream car…. No be Toyota

Me: What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? Tunrayo: @#/%^&*(@#& The question burst her head. Her favourite memorable quote is ‘if you can’t be the poet, be the poem’ (hmm, Le Deep) Me&Great: We’re going to pretend like we know what the means… Ten years from now, she hopes to be established with a good career and an awesome family. She wants to be an international lawyer and possibly the minister of foreign affairs. Where she wants to live, in a place where there is no hold up (meaning she doesn’t plan to live in Nigeria ni). Tunrayo likes the blog, she thinks we’re doing a good job. And so there you have it, we give you Lady Michelle, beautiful by every standard. In case you’re wondering who I am, the name is Verlos William. Peace

IMG 20150616 153300Hosanna William-Adusa. Also known as Verlos. Early in three hundred level, he discovered he possessed a terrible disability: Verlos just sucked at minding his own business. Here, he gets to do that legit. So put on your A game because Verlos is in lawve with your lives…

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