Executives’ Lounge. – Maryam Lawal

By Adeboyin Adebisi

She is an indigene of Ogun state from a family seven and a member of the Law class of ’16……….Maryam Lawal shares her experience as an executive in two associations in the Faculty with Adebisi Adeboyin.Enjoy!

I’m an enthusiastic, achievement oriented young lady. I draw strength from a collective and competitive team
based culture.I am a strong believer in humanitarianism. A compassionate supporter and am dedicated to
informing those around me of the good which can be done. I write poems and live everyday like it’s my last.

Current Position(s) in the Faculty.
I am the female co-ordinator for AMLAS( Association of Muslim Law Students) and the director of research
for MOOT.

Previous Position(s) Held in the Faculty.
I was once the ASG in Oputa Chambers, a one time senator, a welfare secretary in AMLAS, a tutor for LSS,
a member of the sports committee, a member of the editorial committee for LSS blog and many others.

Motive for Vying.
From my profile you can deduce that I like directing people and I felt that the mooting society had given me a
lot and I needed to contribute to other people.

Election Blues.
I dread elections and from my profile, majority of the post I have held are usually by selection process and the
only post I was elected in was the ASG of Oputa Chambers and it took a lot for me to vie for the post.

Favorite Moment as an Executive in AMLAS.
When I went to Benin for the first time for a national conference and also to Abuja for a national conference
where I debated and won.
Also, the road trips are usually interesting and fun and a way to bond with my classmates and people in
the lower levels.

Challenges so far as an executive in AMLAS.
There aren’t many challenges in being an executive in AMLAS. It is just one association where your strength
lies in your personal relationship with the people and whether you like it or not you have to ‘famz’ people and walk up
to them.

Favorite Moment as an executive in MOOT.
I’ve had a lot of favorite moments in moot. For instance when we had to select the next participants for the
African Moot. The process was extremely competitive which shows that the standard in moot has been raised.
The moot of a couple of years back is no longer the moot of today. It has really improved.

Challenges as an executive in MOOT.
Having to always be on my toes. The position I hold in moot requires me to always train people and for me to do this I must have an in depth knowledge on what I train people on.

Why Year 2 students are not made excos in moot.
The mooting society is not like every other society in the Faculty. The structure we have put in place in moot is one that ensures that the most experienced hands and minds are at work because the society prides itself with the number of experienced people she has and that is reasonable.

What is your view on the opinion of people that moot is a secret society and a cabal.
Moot is not a secret society nor a cabal. I will consider moot as a family and I think it surprises people when you have a society whose members are one.What we do at moot is to present a united family.We are more or less like a family.

Balancing…….(academics and being an exco).
It is very easy, it is just the mindset.Mindset is everything.

Advice to any one who wants to become an exco in the faculty.
My major advice is, try to get engaged in activities in the faculty and you don’t have to be in the most superior position to impact lives.There are a lot of things you can do to help people.Basically people need to cultivate the habit of helping others.

Favorite lecturer.
Dr. Osho.

Favorite course.
Legal system, criminal law and human rights.

I write poems,road trips, travelling and chess.

Relationship status.
I’m not married.

Best buds.
Charles, AMLAS family, friends from the mooting society, and lots of my other classmates.

View of this segment on the blog.
It is one of the best novel ideas in the faculty so far.

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