Student Voices – Headlines That Made Nigeria

By Samazing


*Buhari Appoints Sagay as head of advisory committee on war against corruption.

The Comment: ‘The best man has the job. As we can testify through Sagay’s publications and past posts held, he is never going to be associated with whoever or whatever is in affiliation with corruption’.
-Anonymous. Law, 500Level


*Unilag disowns lecturer who raped 18-year old admission seeker.

The Comment:’The management did the right thing and it will be nicer if they can pass a stern warning message to everyone lecturer to prevent future recurrence’
-Laguda Dayo. Survey Engineering, 200Level

*Governor Fayose buys soup ingredients in market.

The Comment:’Fayose is just deceiving Ekiti people. This is in no way humility.
-Kenny. Law, 300 Level

*’End insurgency in three months’-Buhari to new Service Chiefs.

The Comment:’Buhari is working. Nigerians should be patient. For three months, I believe they can meet up and generate results.
Kenny. Law, 300 Level

*Meek Mill regrets beefing with drake and concedes defeat.

The Comment:’lol. He shouldn’t have dared Drake at the first instance. He shares same brain with Davido’
Ray Jaja. Survey Engineering, 300Level.

*Yoruba leaders lack Awolowo’s vision – Aduwo.

The Comment:’ What Nigeria needs ain’t just a yoruba leader but a national leader. To implement Awo’s vision, we are then igniting tribalism’.
Jerry Esquire. Law, 200level.

*PDP slams Fashola over N78m website.

The Comment:‘I don’t know the facts and figures behind this. The degree of the blasting however is just a pointer to political hypocrisy. PDP don’t possess clean hands hence, they should stop distracting the government in power. This is mere political propaganda.’

*Nigerian Association of Prostitutes held 2nd annual election which ended in turmoil and brouhaha by hoodlums.

The Comment: No comment

*’We wash toilets to survive abroad’-Stranded River State Students.

The Comment: ‘They should sue the state government for negligence and abandonment’.
Emmanuel Darcy Nomba. Engineering, 200Level.

*‘Trial of Looters begins soon’-Buhari

The Comment:’To contradict what many others will think, Buhari is not slow but just taking his time to be strategic. Change is in process’
Anonymous. Law 100Level

*Nicki Minaj says she is not pregnant for Drake.

The Comment:’These celebrities will do anything to remain in limelight. They are always curious of being in story.’
-Bukola. Law, 300Level.

*Cech fumbles as West Ham harm Arsenal.

The Comment:’Arsenal has no better option. He was only responsible for the first and not the second goal.’
-Chris. MBBS, 100Level.

*Should the Federal Government negotiate with Boko Haram as being contemplated?

The Comment:‘To speak as a lay man, the sect’s set of actions is nothing other than terrorism. It is not a slight case. No negotiation when the other party is not ready for such. Niger Delta militants were ready and we had it with them.’
Ajibola Williams Bukola. Law, 300 Level.

*’My administration will boost power supply’-Buhari.

The Comment:’It’s okay to assure your citizens. But over time, we have sen no positive result. He should stop saying and reminding us but allow his actions speak for him.

*Mourinho bans team doctor for treating Eden Hazard on field.

The Comment:’Permit me to say he is a fool. What a silly excuse!’
-Abioye Feyifoluwa Boku. pharmacology, 100level.


IMG 20150816 WA0002Ajayi O. Samuel. Popularly known as ‘SamAzing’. He believes natality permits him to write while creativity commands him to write right. A learner from experienced pen Lords, he concurs; A prospective author. Never misses a chance to treat a lady right. Lover of God. His pen tells more…

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. Lol. Samazing really amazing. All just get me on my toes. Great and grease. FAYOSE is humble by doing that and Buhari should do more of action rather than talking.


  2. Did you say up there that cech fumbled? Definitely words are losing their meanings. I sha hope you watched Arsenal vs C. Palace today or there was no light in your hostel to watch how Chelsea fumbled? Lollz


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