Spotlight on…. Carl Eze

Formerly known as “Student Of The Week” The new column “Spotlight on…” aims at drawing attention to the many talents, successful students and the all rounders in the faculty…

 Today’s spotlight is on the class of ’18 student, Carl Eze mostly referred to as Karl. He’s the real deal, handsome and a fashion enthusiast ( I could go on but I’ll keep it short), aside from being a law student, he branched out and became a fashion stylist working with celebrities and recently launched a clothing line with his friends called ‘ Lex Apparel’. Read and enjoy his interview.

Please Introduce Yourself: My name is Carl Eze leave it its fine like that ( Don’t mind him, his middle name is Chidi) . I’m a 200 law student, I’m from Delta, I have three Sisters, I’m the third child and only boy.

What Are Your Hobbies?: Hmm B-balling …wait that’s not all…I watch football and most of the time I like going out, going out is fun.

If You Weren’t Studying Law, What Would You Study And Why: International relations….or I will just study fashion (I don’t doubt that fact, if you know Karl, he has an impeccable dress sense).

What And Who Inspires You: My parents…depending on the angle you are talking about, law wise or what?

Say From Both Angles: Law I just had this passion because of my dad, his flair. I have another passion now and that’s fashion, I just have to say Mai Atafo( for those who don’t know Mai is a top African designer) because he’s diversified and as a stylist, I would say Carl Lagerfield, the monochrome guy, you know him (Of course I do) ….I used to watch him a lot so I would like to work like him.

That’s Good, Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years? : I don’t know maybe branching out to fashion house, clothing line, lex apparel.

Ok Since You Choose This Path, What Has Been The Notable Experience You’ve Had: I’ve been able to meet a lot of people, celebrity wise, I’ve worked with Adams, Reminisce, Ehis. There are lot of opportunities, you get to meet makeup artists and models, I don’t know, I guess socialising is a plus.

Relationship Status And Crush In The Faculty?: I’m single (Girls you heard that, he’s very much available)….no crush…naa I’m not ready to reveal my crush just yet (hmm must be someone special).


If You Were To Raid Someone’s Closet, Who Would That Be?: My own I don’t think I would raid anybody’s closet, everybody is different, I like my own clothes.

What Are The Three Things You Can’t Live Without?: Food (laughs) food is number one, clothes and friends since I can’t say the last one, it’s not for the blog (lol I can guess, boys ehn).

Best Friends In The Faculty: I don’t have any best friends but I have people I roll with.

When Things Are Not Going According To Plan, What Do You Say To Comfort And Encourage Yourself?: hmm…well I’m a very outgoing person, nothing really brings me down, I try to access what’s going on…I don’t just…for everything there’s always a positive and negative side so I try to bring out the positive side.

Would You Rather Do What You Love As A Job Or What You Studied? : What I love….(I’m 100% with him on that).

What Do You Think Nigerian Students Need To Improve On In Terms Of Creativity? : School is good if you have a degree but everything shouldn’t be about school, if you look at other countries, they have music school, they have drama school. …I don’t feel like our lives should be restricted to faculties, if you don’t do law, you must be a doctor. I feel if you are good at something, you should work on it and whichever one makes you blow is good so everybody should express their creativity.

What Is The Greatest Challenge In Juggling Being A Law Student And Stylist?: Ahh It’s not easy at all sometimes I have to stab class to attend to things, it’s not easy and that’s why sometimes they would be like jack of all trades and master of none. At the end you have to focus on one thing for you to branch out but it depends, sometimes you have to reschedule like Wednesday we have only one class but sometimes they clash, it’s left for you to pick the important one, your priority but I still have to pick school first that’s just the thing, I can’t drop out.

Interview by Mayowa Folami IMG 20150728 190435Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza

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