Top Wardrobe Essentials for Students

Hi beautiful/handsome readers, from now on, I will be taking over the fashion column for the lss blog. My name is Mayowa Folami( But you can also call me Ziza). Aside from bringing you style tips and tricks, DIYs, I will also be writing the top ten best outfits of the week every week.

Today I will be talking about the top wardrobe essentials for every college student, they are equally affordable and stylish.


• Chinos– Sometimes you want to take a break from the whole black and white outfit, chinos are the perfect substitute for your black or grey pants, the colours vary from brown to khaki brown.

• Shirts- Let’s not talk about button down shirts but stylish and comfy shirts that offer great versatility varying from polo shirts to V-neck shirts, Henley shirts to name a few.

• Suit And Tie– Lol for a split second, I was going to write my own rendition of Jayz’s suit and tie. Anyway who doesn’t love a dapper corporate guy. Remember to select suits that have a flattering cut for your frame. As well as picking a complementing tie and pairing with a nice dress shirt.

• Graphic Tshirts– Tshirts speak louder than words. Voice your thoughts, silly or not through cool tees. Pair with everything from pants to jeans completing the outfit with sneakers or any nice men footwear.

• Plaids– Quite popular with guys though some are clueless about the real name. This classic look never goes out of style.

• Other essentials include jeans, belt, shoes ( dress shoes and sneakers).


• Variety Of Skirts– They add some polish to your look. Go for A-line skirts, fitted body con, maxi or whatever suits your personal style.

• Dress– A perfect versatile dress be it neutral or bold colour, select an outfit you could rock and pick days to use different accessories like belt or jacket with to create an entirely different silhouette.

• Sneakers– A definite must-have, they are not only comfy but also very stylish. On days you just want to be quirky, ditch your flats on your usual black and white outfit and pair with sneakers (but if your lecturer kicks you out of class, I’m not to blame :p).

• Jeans (Perfect Fit)– Be it skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or distressed jeans, always pick the ones that suit and flatters your frame. Pair with tees, tops or shirts.

• Accessories– You will be surprised how a simple piece of jewelry brightens up an outfit. You could either join the trend and rock tattoo choker necklaces or stick to simple things like beads, bracelet or fancy wristwatch.

• Other essentials include Denim jackets, graphic tees and statement flats.

IMG 20150728 190435Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza

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