Executives’ Lounge – Yemi Adebo

From the podium of Justice Kayode Eso Chambers, to handling the administrative duties at the Tax Club… Yemi Adebo in this interview with Adebisi Adeboyin, validates the rumours surrounding his Tax presidency ambition. Enjoy!

Hi fine man. Please tell us your name. 
Adebo Emmanuel Oluyemi.

And what position do you currently hold in the Faculty?
I’m an executive.

Hehehe. Of course you are. What does your office say sir?

See you. I am kinda the Secretary general of the Tax Club, ma.


Is this the first office you have held in the Faculty?
Yes. Errr… No no no. Pardon my old age. I have been the Ass. Class Rep of my class since year 2 (Law class of ’16) and I was the Director of Programs in Eso chambers for the 2013/2014 session.

Uncle, wait. Assistant class rep? That’s an office?

Ahnahn. Don’t cast me nau. Hehehee…. But really, it demands so much from you, that it feels more official than most offices. I think it is better felt than told.

Hmmn. That sounds deep. So what is your Job Description at the Tax Club?
At the Tax club, there is no strict delineation of duties. But practically, I maintain correspondence, all sorts of paper work you can think of, and even the ones you don’t want to imagine. (he gave me a wink here. I don’t know what that means sha) And sometimes, I carve out topics for meetings and anchor them. I also construct and send BCs to people although I know it can be annoying. Shout-out to all my loyal BC recipients.

Hehehehehehee… I hope they don’t block you soon. So, what has been your favourite moment at the Tax Club?
Let me think. (He “thought” for about 2 very long seconds, then said…) Every time we do what we do best- burst heads.

You burst heads? Ha!

Hehehehee. Come on! you know what I mean. 

Yes I do. I do. I do. And I agree you guys do burst heads. So while “bursting” heads, what are the greatest challenges you encounter?

Well, in any organization, not every one thinks on the same platform as you. So it can be difficult to pass your usually logical points across to others without sounding like a clever dick. Pardon the language.
Besides that, when you have to consolidate the status quo in a club like Tax (and our Tax club is ‘sick’, breath taking) you have to be an unimaginable thinker as there is no room for mediocrity. Remember when others say “why?”, we say “why not?”.


(I think I nodded my head like a thousand times after that. The young man was sounding too deep for me, so I quickly moved on) So, I hear rumours that you are a smarty pant. How do you balance your academics with being a hard-working executive?
It is a hard game and there is a lot of risky decisions to make- like prioritizing classes, family, work and my executive functions. Academics are the primary assignment here, family is everything to me, work pays money, and of course the Tax Club is the Tax Club.
But in all, I never want to be inadequate, so I push myself and do as much as I can in all areas.

(And he went deep on me again!) There is a rumour that you want to run for the tax presidency.
Is it a rumour?

Well, you haven’t confirmed it to me.
Nah. It is reality.

Why do you want to vie?

Tax flows in my blood. I have clear ideas. It won’t be a perfect cycle if I don’t get that perfect opportunity to take Tax beyond this glorious phase.

Do you think you are ambitious?
Ambitious men are sexy. (he winked. he really winked.)

So, any Tax event to look forward to this semester?.
Every Tax Wednesday meeting is an upcoming event. And the king of them all, the National Tax Debate, is going to be extraterrestrial… out of this world.  Watch out for the 17th and 18th of September.

Cool. Cool. I am sure there are some young ladies in the Faculty of Law and beyond who admire you from the corners of their eyes. Do they stand a chance? What is your relationship status?
There is no wrong in admiration. But then, I’m celibate and everything that will affect that status is done without. *shrugs*

Wait. You are celibate? As in, the dictionary meaning of celibate?

I’m not sure there is a statutory definition…

Have you ever had a girlfriend?
If equity looks at the form, rather than the intent-Yes.

Any crush in the Faculty.
She claims anonymity.

 Your hobbies?
I like to think, play sports, play music, lecture… basically everything that keeps me happy.


Best buds in the Faculty.
Jones Ayuwo, Temi Philip, Ola Gamaliel and co.
What advice would you give to those who want to hold executive positions in the Faculty of Law?
It is more than just ambition. It is not a family business. Anyone who does not improve on the status quo has failed. Also, you will need to be sure you can strike a balance.

Hmn. Strong words. Wise words. So, to the question we ask everybody- what is your view about this segment on the blog?
I think it is innovative. And brings my like to the limelight. It reminds you that big brother is watching.

Last words.
If you take life too seriously, then you forget that no one will get out of life alive. It’s a pot of beans.

By Adebisi Adeboyin

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Adeboyin Adebisi is a distinct writer who believes information has the power to change lives.She loves writing, listening to music, and reading.Her long list of favorite authors include Myles Munroe, Ben Carson, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Lisa Scottoline, John Mason and many more.

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