LSS Games: The Last Day

Exactly a week after, Funke Aluko reminisces on the events of that Last Day…

Bcs, dps and pms dragged almost everyone in the faculty to the sport center to witness the final football match between the class of 2018 (year 2) and that of 2017 (year 3), even law library was practically empty as no one wanted to miss the excitement of the match, little did they know that they were going to see more than just a match.

The ceremony began as the opening prayer was said (we had to put the games into HIS hands even though most people forgot his presence when egos were rubbed wrongly). Prof Abiola Ojo’s son was called to the well decorated high table as all importance was given to him and then the games began.
The 100m female race and then 100m male race and then the football match (the moment everyone had been waiting for). The referee’s whistle was blown and it was kick off. Year 2 i.e class of 2018 started with so much energy (you can’t blame them they are still young and agile) but year 3 players just played with experience and skill. However, the ginger of year 2 payed off – Timi netted a goal and the crowd went wild (year 2 students of course).

The morale of year 3 was temporarily damaged (that moment when you’re suddenly fed a slice of humble pie). Captain Macho gingered his players and seconds before the half time whistle was blown, Seyi Law scored an equaliser. Ivan’s once clean sheet was gone. It was like a world cup goal had been scored by a nigerian. The Crowd went crazy that even my friends danced shakitibobo, shoki and azonto at the same time ( I wonder how that happened but hey, anything can happen in law faculty ). The referee’s blew his whistle signaling the end of the first half.

The girls relay race held during the halftime interval. The Class of ’18 emerged as the winners ( omo those girls were not smiling ).

Second half started and both teams came with the mindset of winning the cup. Not too far into the game, the Captain of the Year 3 team, Macho net the second goal for his team. Year 3 had come from behind and taken the lead! His shakitibobo was on point and the fact that the dj coincidentally ( or not * winks * ) played the same song just threw the girls out of their minds.

The players went back to their positions and another game started. With a lot of will power year two scored another goal which the referee blew as a goal but the linesman’s flag went up as an offside. Then yawa gased. The way the year 2 players pounced on the linesman, all turning into shirlock wanting their own pound of flesh was alarming and just like the spartan army had back up from their supporters, Anyone was fighting everyone. The captain of the Year 2 team Russell and also Valentine popularly known as “valo” ordered the remaining players to forfeit the match as they wouldn’t stand injustice. Soso ,the coach of year 3 team was also seen getting agitated on the field and even though LSS excos tried controlling the fight, they just couldn’t for some things can’t be controlled instead they got frustrated.

By now everyone was on the field even some girls that I’m sure don’t even know how to read an offside line and those supporters that were on the side line as if they were coaches (they weren’t even ball boys). While all these was going on year 3 players were chilled sitting on the grass ( like bosses ) waiting for a decision to be made but the my heart got broken when I saw the chairman of the occasion, Mr Gbolahan Ojo watching us with disgust and then it finally shattered beyond reckoning when a student of the faculty of education asked me “Is this the faculty of law? “.

How did this all end You ask? It didn’t, another match was to begin on that field so law students had to pack their wahala and go ( smh ).
Then I wondered how much down our reputation had been dragged just because of pride and egos but I’m amazed, in fact, fascinated at how fast we could forget the cases, principles and sections we learnt ,throw away our composure and behave like hooligans.

Funke Aluko is a 300 Level Law Student

Published by Teni Akeju


  1. Kudos to the sports sec,#quasim# he and his committee have been WOW xo far.five aside,law marathon,the ugly drama was just uncontrollable for me,dat day was too tensed.APOLOGIES.looking forward to the #REMATCH#.


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