Report and Pictures from the Law Society Empowerment Scheme

This past week at the legendary FLT, our learned colleagues set their hands on other avenues other than law texts and the louire-de-le-freak of the law.The Law Empowerment Scheme commenced last week during which make up,catering and hand bag making skills were administered to our legal brains;one only has to chuckle  when we see a certain year two student handle the hammer and you wonder “what went wrong with contract law?(mtcheew….abi?,sorry).

The excitement on their faces,the “don’t put gum here’s” “Mayowa,how many inches?”  will make you love the aura as the FLT transformed intermittently to a workshop in the past week; with some law students once again working till late evening at something else other than photocopies of lecture notes and texts.

This year’s edition is no doubt a success and it has definitely pinned down a place as one of the faculty’s annual programs, the reason for this is not far about to be construed. Up to thirty students trained from Monday August 15 – Saturday 22nd with everyone glad about having set their books aside for something worthwhile.
Marshal Mayowa the handcraft instructor is a joy to listen to, dishing out battle formations to her trainee soldiers, joyfully giving answers to war questions from her troops with an unflawed gusto there was a shrill in that “use one inch Ankara…”guffaws…. .
A short interview with Mayowa Lawal goes..
LA Baja: You’re an instructor in this scheme, how did you come about knowing about these things and what’s your motivation?(widens eyes on receiving the question)
Mayowa:It was a determined decision, started in 2013 during the ASUU strike,I faced some challenges like limited time to do this and study law,distance(to go get materials like maco2,4,rivets,bag stand and others, but thank God,I now have my own brand the devivre collections which you can access @devivrecollections on Twitter,and my peeps you can call me on☏ 07068091082 to contact me if you’ll need me for anything related to what I do.
Lagbaja:nice ad,well what were your trainees like?,were they reluctant to use the hammer or smear some adhesive gum on a leather?
Mayowa:The trainees were great,love their cooperation and zest,thumbs up to the current executives for making this work,the supervisor BJ,and other colleagues merci beaucoup!..♡
(Mayowa Lawal is a 500 level student )
We also had a chat with a participant at the handbag workshop during the final day
Lagbaja:Hello Adewa,how are you today? If you are to grade yourself over hundred, what grade would you give yourself based on how much you’ve been able to learn from this program
Adewa Christiana(yr2):Well,I’d give myself an eighty percent I really learnt something here
Lagbaja:That’s a whooping A,you must open your own shop after this program o
Adewa:(smiles):yes an A,this program has created a foundation for future explorations in income and job generation,I’ve learnt to make bags..etc,its just a nice program.
Aisha (Year 1) and Wonderful

Lagbaja:Hello..I see you have your hands full today,handled a hammer myself
Aisha:It is a nice one, we’ve learnt many things as you can see every where’s still smelling of shoemaker’s gum.

Wonderful: It’s been a wonderful experience,learnt to cooperate more and to be patient enough to build something from was interesting and fun too.
Lagbaja:So Aisha and wonderful I’ll hope you had a wonderful experience, you have another accolade to had to your CV now,
Emolen:Really think our parents will be proud of us trying to do something to make ourselves independent, am really glad about attending this program.

Lagbaja:OK then thanks for your time girls

The Law Society Empowerment Scheme is an initiative of the #Forward Administration.

Reported by: Bello OreoluwaSight 2015 08 22 183559 704</a

Ore Bello is a columnist, essayist and Social Critic. Born and Bred in an environment with a high level of “Street Sense”, he can make a Mecca out of an Agege. He delivers issues from the trivial to the serious…

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