Beauty of the Week: Ayanfe Sanni

This week’s ‘Beauty Of The Week’ is from the class of ’18. She’s not only the daughter of one of the faculty’s lecturers, Doctor Sanni, but also a talented singer, she won this year’s “Law Got Talent”. Read my interview with the adorable and talented Miss Ayanfe Sanni.

By Mayowa Folami
Please Introduce Yourself: Hello my name is Ayanfefoluwa Sanni, I’m the third born in a family of six, four children.

What Are Your Hobbies?: Ok I like singing…I like sleeping….I like let me say reading small small…just small small like novels and all those interesting books but not really…like reading sha (lol we get you).

Turn On And Turn Off In The Opposite Sex: I like guys that are smart….there should be smartness, he should be smart and intelligent. Obviously I do like tall guys, that guy that’s like hmm ( lol I almost burst out laughing, who doesn’t like a tall guy) and deep voice, a guy with charisma but guys that basically know what they want in life (No NFA allowed).

Relationship Status And Crush In The Faculty: Ok I’m single right now…I’m single (I think she was trying to convince herself). Ah I do have a crush in year 3, it’s just like an on and off crush (Erm I reserve my comment).

If You Weren’t Studying Law, What Would You Study?: I would have studied music…like I said I like singing so I would studied music….music just inspires me a lot.

Ok What And Who Inspires You?: What inspires me…who inspires me….of course my religion, God inspires me to be a better person all round. And I’ll say my dad and my mum, basically my parents…basically my family inspires me to be better, always pushing and being like ‘Ayanfe this is…you can do this better’.

Best Friends In The Faculty: I have like a lot but that would be Bukola or should I say everyone….Bukola, Ayobami, Jemima, Tolu, Samba, Tobi, Dennis, Samuel, Temi…..just so many ( na wa o I almost got lost in the middle).
If You Were To Be An Animal, What Would You Be And Why?: Me I don’t really think I want to be an animal…ok I will like to be an eagle because of their eyes (laughs) because I wear glasses.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?: Nysc…I will be doing my Nysc and I’ll probably be more outgoing and probably I would have started something around that time.

What Question Do You Hate To Answer The Most?: How are you?….I don’t like people asking me how are you. Most people it’s just I’m fine because they really don’t want to know what’s happening with you. Like how are you…I’m fine.
True. Ok If You Had An Opportunity To Change The World, What Would You Focus On And What Would You Do?: What will I focus on…I will focus on children, yes because we are the leaders of tomorrow so I think I’ll probably do all these children homes to bring them up from when they are young to grow up in the way of the Lord (She’s spiritual)….so they will go out there and be better, help people.

What Do You Think The Lss Excos Have To Work On To Improve The Faculty?: Well I don’t really stay around much but as they said in the stakeholder’s forum, the lss….probably they should just hold a day to introduce themselves because not everybody knows them…meet us and let us know their goals because we don’t really know what they are doing, we know they are having all these programs but we don’t really know why they are…

What’s Your Other Love Aside From Being A Law Student, What Would You Like To Be?: Like I said, I would like to be a singer.

IMG 20150728 190435
Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza

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