A Quintessential Read for all Law Students.

Soaked in my thoughts, wet in my reasoning and chilly in my mental
faculty, I excogitate and mull over flying visits paid to me by the
briefing winds and soaring atmosphere of the ever suspensive power
switch process ‘elections’. May be I should start by commending the
anonymous writer of a piece I read titled ‘The Joke We Call
Elections’. Then you wonder in Wonderland and ponder in ponderousness
‘is it truly a joking stuff?’
Well, welcome from the realm of fantasy and let’s visit actuality and

This year, Nigeria held the most expensive election ever in
the history of Africa and some till tomorrow are subscribers to the
thought that the whole process was nonsense. I believe since sides
taking is involved, you are either on the jubilating wing or on the
mourning pennon. As constant as the northern star, is the construct
that at the sound of elections, genuineness starts to bow, sentiments
start to locomote and side attractions start to chandelle. I am not
against this as everyone is entitled to be opinionated and in as much
as we have different contestants with dissimilar personalities
contesting same posts, what we have is a crowd and cloud of people
with different convictions as regards who to vote for based on what
they’ve heard, seen and observed.

You must be stale and rancid if you still concept and believe that
it’s a news that the ban placed on students’ elections in the
University of Lagos has been lifted. With these, several demagogues,
compromisers, campaigners and aspirants are buckling down and lacing
up to instill and insure themselves and their convictions into the
reasoning sack of any available electorate. Flyers flying without
wings everywhere. Banners and bannerets with no ban hanging around
faculties, Afe Babalola Hall walkway, and other strategic points. All
displaying attractive messages: ‘vote for change’, ‘vote for
progress’, ‘vote for freedom’ etc. You will then be journeying to
Wonderland once again when you ask how true these promises are.
Manifestos are being written either by the candidate himself or by a
ghost writer with dictionary of words and thesauruses of ‘big
grammar’. All to serve as interesting baits and tool for getting,
snatching or stealing supporters (any which way, any how cos it’s a

As the fateful and faith full day draws nigh, you notice and
experience uncommon and strange attributes of personality in the
different contestants. Some who will never say ‘hi’ to you before will
because they want you to help them go ‘high’ prostrate, genuflect or
kneel to greet you. These phoney and mendacious signs rule the day all
just to ensure they get many laughers (supporters) on the joke
(election) day. This I am not against as I frown at the chronic and
ironic reality behind these fake tears and pretentious looks.
Physically, they look innocuous, comely and fanciful in attires that
make them look like expensive clowns. They dazzle and are puzzled like
an astronaut looking for his stance and stand in space. Promises upon
promises prior to elections and when in power, they go: ‘I belong to
nobody’ (except me, myself and I).

The saddening facet of this process is the gullibility of the so
called ‘voters’. This is the time when everyone student qualified to
vote grow a chip on their shoulders and breathe in and out the air of
pride as they’ve been made to agree by the seekers of their votes that
heaven and earth abound in their voting hands. This they go about to
concept that whoever is ready to dance to their melodious or
cacophonic tune, deserves their accreditation. They are however on the
lookout for the slightest blunder of any type pertaining to the
candidates in order to use against them. They are political
juggernauts that specialize in inventing and creating propagandas and
agitprops. They are most likely to be the fanciful supporter of a
candidate they love sentimentally and when such fellow exploits them
to get what he most craves for, he acts as though he was selected and
never elected. He never hesitate to call them ‘bunch of failures and
disappointment’. Hmm. They are at the receiving end of whatever good
or sinister from their once ‘loved candidate’. They are poor and
cocooned in poverty. Intellectual poverty. Electoral poverty. Poverty
of the mind. They are bought over just as cushy as one buys sweet
doughnuts. They are the nincompoops that never for once think and
rethink by resetting their mindsets over who is who, who is what, who
is right and who is erroneous.

Truly, you can buy the fact full fact that decadence and dilapidation
rules the Law faculty at the moment but the time for change and switch
is never in the milage but in its propinquity. The elections are
coming. Do you dare? Just like a Pandora’s box, so are our candid
candidates, our competing competitors, our contending contenders and
our aspiring aspirants. Until they sit the posts before you can tell
who you have in power. The president, the vice president, the P.R.O,
the Gen Sec and assistant, the treasurer, the social secretary and
assistant, the welfare secretary, the sports secretary, the liaison
officers. Our rulers or our representatives? Time will tell.

A wise man, they say, learns from his past. Remember, only a mad man
will sit watch while conflagration devours his abode. Charity, they
say, begins from home. To influence your world, influence your family.
To embellish ULSU, design your faculty. When the absence of unity is
never absent in the faculty, tell me why and how you will succeed in
providing a P.R.O and a President in the ULSU. Remember, once beaten,
twice shy. It is another moment. It is another process. Ensure your
mindset is set for the cure and longevity needed in the law faculty.
Our freshmen, watch out for the demons in angelic voices. Our
sophomores, be on the alert for the wolves in sheep clothing. Our
intermediate class, keep your eyes peeled. Our friends in the fourth
realm, keep your eyes skinned. Our finalists, keep your eyes opened.
Everyone, be vigilant for the daft godfathers and their god-awful
godsons. It is never change when a candidate steps in via support
garnered and harnessed by his stinking progenitor as he continues the
stinky habits exhibited by the former. Go for the cure. Go for
competency. Go for intellectualism. Go for egalitarianism. Go for
transformation. Go for reformation. Go for longevity. Go for
accountability. Go for integrity. Go for the TRUE CHANGE.
It is never a joking stuff, it is our ELECTION.

Happy voting people.


<IMG 20150816 WA0002Ajayi O. Samuel. Popularly known as ‘SamAzing’. He believes natality permits him to write while creativity commands him to write right. A learner from experienced pen Lords, he concurs; A prospective author. Never misses a chance to treat a lady right. Lover of God. His pen tells more…

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