State of the Faculty – S4 E4 &5

EPISODE 4 (was not posted earlier due to technical issues)

Hello beautiful people.

Here’s the koko of what happened over last week:

The LSS sports week went down, literally. The festival ended with various sports like boxing, wrestling and taekwondo that were not originally part of the sports lined up for the event. There was a clash between the Yr2 and Yr3 boys over whether a goal was offside or not and an embarrassing “30 minutes of madness”(for lack of a better word) ensued whilst Mr Abiola Ojos son watched until faculty of education bounced us out of the field. Despite the earlier events of the day, both teams and their classmates did not allow their turn up to be ruined as they had a turnt “asun and punch” party at lagoon front later that same night. Rumour has it that the Abiola Ojo family may withdraw their sponsorship of the yearly event due to the distasteful occurrence.

Year 3 students are to hold a house and pool party tagged Outlaws on the 28th. Tickets are on sale for the party which tows the line of a Latin maxim that allows people to get crazy at least once a year (or something like that sha)

Law students went to turn up at a dinner with Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice-president of Nigeria organized by the faculty and it is evident from all the pictures they have been posting on instagram that they had a wonderful experience

Heard there was a skills acquisition program in the faculty on Saturday on Ankara bag making

Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Sope Elegbe Williams who clocked 40 last Sunday
Finally, the Face of law competition thingy seems to have started as I’ve come across a couple of selfies online so if you’re interested, put yours up soonest.


Hey y’all, last week sorta flew by as not many occurrences occurred nor did reportable happenings happen except a few

Oputa held their event YARN (nice idea and loved the ankaras)

A new presidential aspirant declared upon having support from a lecturer and the race to be the next Lss president got hotter

Campaign ban was lifted but everyone is still keeping it cool

Nominees list for class of ’15 cultural pride night was released and the sale of tickets for the program is on


Law Ladies Bespoke – Aug 28

Chamber annual lectures

Maritime Forum – Sept 15
maritime forum-dp2
Oil & Gas bar dinner

Tax Debate

Law Dinner – Sept 25

Till next week. Hope y’all have a lovely week ahead. Remember, never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game….


HaliArt ❤

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