#THROWBACK THURSDAY – Law Students’ Special

Welcome back welcome back friends. Sup with you all? Hope we good… It’s another Thursday and there’s a decent dose of terrific throw backs for your viewing pleasure. We hope you’re smiling at the prospect because, assuredly, you’ll be laughing within the next few minutes, unless the joke’s on you. So scroll down and enjoy…or be embarrassed…

1. Number one for today is our melody man, Kenneth Collins Ajagwu

Ken....But Why?
The name’s Ajagu….Ken Ajagu

First, that suit! What is it made of? It looks like a nylon bag stuffed with foam. And your tie, perfect knot brother, best we’ve seen. You also should have kept using whatever lip gloss you had on in this picture, we like it. …those shades, no…just No!… remove that sticker(well too late, we don’t think he’ll ever do it again though)

2. Our Senate President, Nwachukwu.
nwanchukwu1 16
…so there was a time when he was slim! And Innocent. At least he sure looks it.. He’s also been beard gang for as long as we can remember, so y’all newbies, respect


Dare Adeojo - African Prince
Dare Adeojo – African Prince

4. Yode (Class of ’16) going all “an officer and a gentleman” on us…At least that’s what he thought

I'm a classic man??
I’m a classic man??

…in case you didn’t know, we have ‘has been’ soldiers among us…Attention!

5. ‘Such a fine boy, oh wait earrings… And boobs….wait! Is a gyal oh!…

Tolu Ajiboye (Class of '16)
Tolu Ajiboye (Class of ’16)

6. And finally we have Gboyega Ahove from the Class of ’17

Gboyega - Class of '17
Gboyega – Class of ’17

Who said selfies are a recent thing? Uncle Ahove been in the game longer than y’all

Gboyega...Put the remote down
Gboyega…Put the remote down

And that’s all we have time for this week. No matter where you find yourselves people, no matter what glory lies in your present, and future, remember this, you started from the bottom… Should help keep you humble. And if you forget, Lss blog is here to remind you… Peace.
More again next week….until then, comment and share!!!


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