Stunner of the Week – Giwa Ademola

Today’s stunner of the week is funny and playful, he’s from the class of ’18, Giwa Ademola. Read Mayowa Folami’s interview with him.

Please Introduce Yourself

My name is Giwa Ademola. I’m from a family of five, five children plus my parents that’s seven. One brother and three Sisters.

What Are Your Hobbies?

I actually love playing football that’s the main thing…that’s just it (laughs).


If You Weren’t Studying Law, What Would You Study?

 Maybe architecture the reason why I didn’t study it is because of maths.

What’s Your Turn On And Turn Off In The Opposite Sex?:

Hmmm I actually don’t like hairy girls(laughs) and when someone is too big (laughs….ahnahn Giwa) I said too big

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Ok Relationship Status And Crush In The Faculty: Erm I don’t have a relationship for now, I know everybody thinks I’m in one but I’m not….crush erm(laughs) I don’t think I want to say that(laughs) no I don’t want to say it…erm I don’t know the person’s name(hmm Giwa are you sure)…but she’s in 400 level….its just a crush.

If You Could Wake Up In The Body Of Someone, Who Would You Pick And What Would You Do?:

and spend all his money

What Is The First Thing You Notice In The Opposite Sex?:

(laughs) In this world we are in now maybe their eyebrows(laughs…I bursted out laughing too)….let me just say makeup (laughs).

Rate Your Style:

myself? I wouldn’t know….I would rate myself seven maybe.

Who Inspires You?:

Noble igwe from style vitae( Just in case you don’t know who Noble Igwe is, he’s one of the stylish male bloggers in Nigeria).

Best Buddys In The Faculty:

Erm I have to mention all of them… Tito, Obehi, Dammie, Kemi,Bukola, Parle, bishop, Carl, Russel and so on.

What’s The First Thing You Will Save In A Fire?:

(laughs) Let me see…my phone….my phone… apart from humans of course.

What do you think the faculty excited have to work on to improve the faculty?

To improve the faculty….I think the only thing they are lacking now is communication with the students, they should know what everybody wants…

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Mayowa folami (mostly called Ziza), quirky writer, fashion Blogger and model. My personal blog is yourclosetgirl, follow on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza

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